The Bombing of Boston (WARNING! – Images may cause upset due to content)

The Bombing of Boston

(!! Warning, the following images may cause upset due to the nature of them !!) boston-papers-6_2537354b


I was gobsmacked when I saw the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp, well actually stockade or even concentration camp, is still in existenceguantanamo even though in 2008 President Obama swore to close it – so an empty promise and one that he should have kept. There have been over 770 people held there without trial since 2002 and currently still 166 remain. All have been reviewed and some 46 have been designated too high a risk to release – this decision being reached by closed military panel! When was it a good idea to put the military in charge of legal processes? The last time this was done on mass the military didn’t exactly come out of it smelling of roses, with 20 million Russians and 6 million Jews murdered in camps without trial! Sounding familiar yet? It is also noted that 86 of the people have been cleared for release and yet nothing has happened. One person has been waiting for release for 8 years. I don’t know what would be worse, held without trial in the first place, told you will never be released without any justification as to why, or to be told you are entitled to be released and will be released but it never comes. By any humanity it is wrong, and it is in certain breach of the 1948 United Nations Declaration of human rights, which President Roosevelt’s own wife helped draw up, and to which the USA was a signatory.  To hold people in a military camp is simply illegal and it is just wrong, it offends any common decency and Obama had a real opportunity to justify that Nobel Peace Prize he was given to the world’s amazement.

Demonstrators call for Guantanamo Bay detention center closing in Washingtoncloseguantanamobushobama
Before anyone jumps to any conclusions I am a real fan of Obama and the American people, to have the first American President from ethnic minority and, if she has her way, the first woman president in Hilary. Yep a definite fan and I have so long admired how you kicked the French and British asses into the Atlantic for a very long sail home, swearing to never again be invaded or dominated by foreign royalty. Then enshrining it into your own Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. I am such a fan and an admirer of the struggle you had to come into your own with wars domestic and on foreign shores, but you emerged a force for peace across the world, a superpower that would not be made to yield by any threat from any quarter or corner of the world. But then there is this stain on your shield of righteousness that you hold so proudly and are entitled to hold.

In Guantanamo Bay there are people on hunger strike, 11 are being force-fed via tube directly into their stomachs but deaths will follow and tg-bayhese bring shame to your administration. If they were American you would mobile the full force of your mighty military to free them from their captors. You have the full weight of your forces ready to defend your own Bill of Rights, to defend your partners across the world, and I respect you for what you have achieved. Yes mistakes have been made, wars fought that perhaps should not have been, but which country has not got such lessons they have been taught in their historical cupboard. But then North Korea sabre rattle and you go into defence mode to protect South Korea, Japan and many island states like true heroes that you are in the majority of the world. And you are totally respected by me for this policing role that you did not ask for but have been forced into, which the lives of your men and women pay for. Then in Guantanamo you have, what is in essence, a concentration camp where the people held have no rights whatsoever. On the one side we have your Bill of Rights and on the other side of the scales of injustice you ignore and offend the rights of the people you hold illegally. I DON’T UNDERSTAND AT ALL!

I don’t understand how you can ignore the rights of people when maintaining the right to bear arms, which, like it or not, is responsible for massacre after massacre. From this point I had written a scathing rebuke of President Obama for not closing down Guantanamo as he had promised to do. As I did this the Boston bombs flashed up on the news, so many good people laid to waste by the machinations of some maniac, some monster that did indeed unleash terror in this horrific act of terrorism – a dark day shall this 14th of April be, joining acts of infamy such as 9/11, 7/7 in London, now we have 4/14!

Two explosions hurting hu_67023063_67023062ndreds, thankfully only killing a couple, but it was the terror of it all, in a city known for its warm welcome, on the day of an annual and world renowned charitable marathon. May only have been hundreds wounded but I suspect 100’s of thousands of people in shock of it all! Then the ripple starts, the mountainous waves of concern rise up to form panic, today’s Funeral of Thatcher in London, the London marathon this weekend, the Great North Run to come, New York Marathon scheduled, the list of scheduled events is long and worrisome. And let’s boston-bombing1not forget this marathon was dedicated to the massacre at Sandyhook – the irony makes me want to cry. As bits and pieces of news are released I am mortified when they describe the bombs as being put into pressure cookers that is then filled with ball bearings and nails, then left at the end of the race where the crowds were thickest, where mums, dads, children, families were welcoming their loved ones – nails for pity’s sake. What kind of animal do you have to be to do such a thing, whether domestic or foreign terrorist. I think us in the UK, if you are old enough, have been hardened to such acts with our history in Northern Ireland, but in the USA they were devastated by 9/11 and took the Taliban on in their own back yard, Afghanistan, a war that is coming to a close after 10 years.
Then it makes sense, why a country that will sacrifice allusa-explosions-boston for freedom and their Bill of Rights, can lock people away and throw away the key, no trial, no rights for them, they become effectively nothing! What else do you do with people who commit acts of extreme violence but where there is not enough evidence to convict them; wait until there is enough, i.e. more deaths? Not if you are fighting to keep your people free and safe. What you do is lock up these people that perpetrate terror or threaten to, and make sure the only people they can harm is themselves. Have they been mistreated, yes of course by any definition they have been, but to protect its citizens it would unleash even a nuclear bomb I seem to remember, so Guantanamo is nothing in comparison – what would you do to protect and safeguard the person you love the most in the world? Ask yourself honestly this question, times the responsibility by 300 million(ish), Americans and then Guantanamo isn’t such a big leap to justify. I fear I would do far, far worse in their place to achieve peace, yes I would unleash hell against such terrorists and yes I would lock them away forever and a day.

In the light of what has now happened in Boston, how can I rage against Guantanamo? I just cannot. I fear the story of the USA and terrorism g-bayis still being written, is still unfolding, any hopes it would end with Afghanistan died with that little boy on Monday. But the Americans have to understand that there will not be winners when you try to stop such barbaric acts, something has to be sacrificed. There are no winners when fighting ideology that believes in nail bombing families at a charity marathon! The IRA learnt they would not win by violence, it took 30 years but they learnt that the country would not yield an inch to them, and in time these domestic or foreign terrorists will learn but not until many more lives have been lost, I feel sick at the thought.
But they will learn that you make gains at the peace table not at the end of a gun. Peace is made by talking, by compromising and by laying weapons down and picking up the pen. May all sides learn this sooner rather than later when more are taken from us. May all the victims of terror be embraced by God and protected by the prayers of the many.



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