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On The Wrong Side of Public Opinioncameron_2394556b

If I was to believe Estelle Morris, George Osborne and the like, I can only assume I am on the wrong side of what the majority think, and perhaps this is true. Perhaps I and many others have misjudged the mood of the country and are just alarmists trying to steal the headlines – perhaps.ImageVaultHandler_aspx

I think the date was very auspicious, perhaps even as provocative as the Ides of March, perhaps one hopes a similar fate awaits some, to that which befell the unstoppable Caesar. But who will be Brutus to Cameron and Osborne, who are truly tied to the hip over the changes to the NHS and the Welfare State, which came into force on April the 1st! Yes April Fool’s Day – they couldn’t have picked a worse day to launch these significant and serious changes that affect every one of us if they tried. April Fool’s Day; for pity’s sake. Which goon (or should that be loon) thought that would be ok, do they actually pay these people! It was said by both Prime Minister and Ministers alike that those that disagreed with them over the changes had “misjudged the views of the people of Britain”. Caesar was as certain that the people of Rome wanted him to be a god shortly before he was stabbed to death on the floor of the Senate by the peoples’ representatives.62678_632608410087093_1680329936_n

Have two years of politician provoked; benefit user bashing by the media, won the battle and even the war? Do the public really perceive that people on benefits are all scroungers; all motability_jpg400x290_909090909taking benefits under false pretences, fraudsters every one of them? Are the general public so convinced by Osborne, Cameron, Esther McVey and the rest of the true blue crowd of the ruling elite? Have this triangle of vicious snakes spitting venom and blame, poison and guilt at the disabled, making the disabled the scapegoats of all that have befallen the country, or do I remember it had something to do with greed and Banks in 2008. They have been very good at pointing the gaze of the public away from the third dip, another dip, the collapse of any economic growth, and focussing on laying the blame on the disabled, even people with degenerative conditions such as me. Have we been made to replace the Bankers as the enemy of the working class, the enemy of the state? Have 359460they turned the tide of negativity against all benefit claimants and won the ground, labelling all as fraudsters, Philpotts, tarred us all with the same brush, made believe we are all in it for what we can get and stuff the tax payer (even though the majority of benefits goes to families where one person is working, and there is no evidence to show that more than 2% of claimants are fraudulent in any way, certainly not the 40% + that media fuelled by the government would have you believe). Have the three abusers of the disabled won the war and bloodied the battlefield with those that were too vulnerable to fight back in the first place – a battle only cowards would fight as no pride can be gained from targeting all the negativity onto the most vulnerable in our society. Are the Conservatives really so ridiculous that they get off on targeting the very people that they should be protecting – I am disgusted at them.sdnfad

So where do we go from here, do we accept that to disagree with the government means we are against the people of our land? Well that’s a risk I will have to take, as this is not a 17187_532355160139889_1473976326_ndictatorship yet, not a communist state or even a fascist state for that matter. We have the right of reply; we have the right to speak regardless of how our political masters would have us labelled for doing so. Just one point at this stage to the esteemed McVey, Osborne & Cameron, thanks for comparing me to Philpott, really appreciated that, I think you’ll find that he was an egocentric psychopath that took advantage of his children, the women he dominated and abused, and the Welfare State system. The ‘system’ didn’t create him, and how can people with supposed intelligence make such claims; it’s the equivalent of me claiming that the benefit’s system caused my degenerative condition? Of course it didn’t, one thing does not necessarily cause another even though they are related in some way. He, Philpott, was a dreadful man who should rot in hell, but why have our politicians linked me to this vermin? This is just nonsense and this whole comparison rubbish has gone way too far. Philpott used a system to an extreme, exploited it as any psychopathic egocentric murderer would, an extreme case that only goes to prove they are extreme cases and nothing more than that.574630_305838552819013_1653237359_n

598830_399390316797169_2004284912_nBut I have to also accept that the system does have a very small proportion of people that misuse it, as every system will have, as there are liars and cheats in all of them. Just look at the scathing condemnation of the HBOS crew, with calls to ban them from ever being in business of any kind again. Definitely people that brought a bank to its knees compounding billions of bad debt with “toxic management” and “decision making bordering on the fraudulent”! These people ended up costing the tax payer £20,000,000,000 (£20 billion) in tax payers’ bailout, and one was even punished with promotion to working within the Chancellor’s Department under Gordon Brown. Another was punished with an award of a knighthood, another a Peerage as a reward of utter failure. But let’s not forget what all this is about, attacking those cheats of the benefit system that cost a few thousand here and there, remembering none cost the tax payer billions in corporate greed. Perhaps if things are equal then people found guilty of fraud re the Welfare State could be made an example of with severe punishments of being made Lord this, Sir that. Oh but I forgot, the disabled don’t tend to pay 10’s of thousands into Party contributions do they?


One of the HBOS crew was even appointed as head of the bloody Financial Services Authority! No, no, let’s go after people with no money to start with and tax their empty rooms, force pensioners to pay a wellness tax (North Tyneside). But yet I am comforted by McVey who reassured all disabled people that there was no target to cut the amount of people claiming DLA, it was to “remove the growth from the system that had occurred over the last 3 years”, “I refute this is a cut although we will reduce claimants by 400,000”, “suggestions this is a cut in DLA claimants is scaremongering, it is a removal of growth that has occurred”. So wonderfully put by our so compassionate Minister for the Disabled!free_1072240-400x202

Talk to anyone and you get the same responses:
Do you want us to prosecute people fraudulently claiming benefits? 100% will say yes!

Do you think it is fair for people on benefit to get more than people working for their money? 100% will say No!

Do you think it is right that people on benefit sleep in when you have to get up early to go to work? 100% will say No!

Do you want us to cut the burden on taxpayers of those receiving benefit who do nothing to contribute to the economy? 100% will say yes!

Do you want us to stop benefit scroungers and cheats? 100% will say yes!

Well of course they will answer this way as the questions are loaded against people needing benefit support! If I asked the same sort of questions in relation to another area you would get equally passionate and unanimous answers:
Do you blame the Bankers and the fat cats for this recession? 100% will say yes!

Do you think it is wrong that bankers get huge bonuses even when the bank does badly and this is taxpayer’s money being used? 100% will say yes!

Do you think a number of MPs fiddled their expenses thinking they could get away with it? 100% will say yes!

Even at primary school you learn it is not what you ask but how you ask, so perhaps the Government should be careful about saying the nation is behind them, as ask slightly different questions and you get different answers about the benefit system:
Do you think that the welfare state should support disabled children? 100% will say yes!

Do you think the Welfare State should support genuinely disabled adults? 100% will say yes!

Do you think the Welfare State should support families where there is someone dying of their illness or condition? 100% will say yes!

Do you want the NHS to be free or charge you for when you use it on top of your National Insurance contributions?, and you will get a resounding “NO, we want it to remain free!”tax avoidance

So Osborne, Cameron and McVey, let’s not play games, I as a disabled person, with a worsening condition, know you see me as a Captain-Osborne-480x311drain on the tax payer, a deficit on your balance sheet, a scrounger for receiving high rate DLA. Since I will only get worse, I am sure I am your worst type of citizen, I am a person with diminishing dignity and your attacks are not welcome. I am certainly no Philpott and it was shameful to compare me to him, just shameful. I am becoming a shell of what was once a strong person but your attack through the press actually does have an eroding effect, more than you realise, so please stop it.


I, as many disabled people, believe that you should get the fraudsters out of the system but to pay ATOS (who have no credibility in the disability community, of which there are 10 million) £390 million to reassess all DLA claimants is an expensive route to take to “remove growth”. Why didn’t you actually stop and think and get some of the leading disability organisations to do it, MIND, Disability Alliance, Care Alliances or better still get a group of disabled people to start up a bespoke reviewing community interest company to do the job? At least you could have had some credibility in the cuts you want to make. You could have chosen to work with the ‘community’ to make cuts and they would have worked with you to make the changes needed. But you let loose a foreign company with no regard for the vulnerability of the people you are supposed to protect, and you will reap the rewards of this stupidity at the next election.

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