Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Life Bursting, Sprouting…………………..

Life Bursting, Sprouting and Warring   Finally in the gloom of winter that would not give way, to counter the morose grey   of recession, in the fear of Boston’s terrorists, as we lay… Continue reading

15 Billion Euros

15 Billion Euros  As usual I watch The Politics Show on BBC 2 each day. It gives me a feel for what is going on and unlike many shows it is fairly neutral,… Continue reading

Everyday A Blessing

Everyday a Blessing  When you have experienced certain events in your life, you come to realise the mortality of what is around you. When young you feel you can do anything, recover from… Continue reading

The Bombing of Boston (WARNING! – Images may cause upset due to content)

The Bombing of Boston (!! Warning, the following images may cause upset due to the nature of them !!)  I was gobsmacked when I saw the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp, well actually… Continue reading

The Storm

The Storm Beyond the Horizon  They, the people of medicine and care, talk about wounds and sores looking “angry”, but they have no idea of the true nature of physical anger. The anger… Continue reading


SANCTUARY  The wind just came as a howling blast, those little birds darting for cover like darts flying into our unkempt hedge row, swinging snow spins round the open spaces of the lawn… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Love Her or Hate Her She was Ours RIP Baroness Margaret Thatcher  (1925 – 2013) The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of her Premiership Prime Minister 4th May 1979 – 28th November… Continue reading

In Business We Trust

The Problem Within  “The last thing one wants to tell me……”  I was offering someone some advice about their business, they did ask, I didn’t just wander in off the street and start… Continue reading

Wrong Side of Opinion

On The Wrong Side of Public Opinion If I was to believe Estelle Morris, George Osborne and the like, I can only assume I am on the wrong side of what the majority… Continue reading

It’s Not An April Fool, It Really Never Ends!!!

It Never Ends!  “It’s time such issues were discussed openly to remove the stigma, but to also acknowledge these things happen every hour of every day……”  “Dragging them down with me……” As my… Continue reading