Puerile Calamity – How Ridiculous

Puerile Calamity – How Ridiculous 2IN1_MEGA_PRIMARY_CMYK

“What on earth is the matter with them…………………….” unhappycustomer

“From a business perspective they are the perfect example of how not to do customer services……” deck2

I was dumfounded by the attitude of PC World last week. I asked them to give me a competitive quote for up to a 100 iPad Mini’s, wanted amoron1 decent deal closer to trade price as opposed to retail – I’ll explain why shortly. I was put through to the first person who said I needed to email my request through but wasn’t sure which address to use. So I found a PC World email address myself and sent in my request:

100 iPad Minis

32GB with Wifi

Don’t care about the colour

Eventually I got a response from an Adrian who asked what they would be used for and if they were for resale. I explained they were not for resale but for a health based idea a new company (more shortly) had and we (the company’s Directors) felt that the iPad Mini was ideal as a platform. I finished by asking for a quote again. customersvcapathy400

Adrian responded and said I would need to open a business account. I replied I did not want to open a business account, if we felt the quote, which I was yet to receive, was acceptable, we would be making a cash based purchase as I didn’t want nor need financing. Now could I have my quote? cartoon%20customer%20service%20get%20lost

By the time of Adrian’s next email a week had gone by since this all started, and he asked me to fill in a “Large Purchase Order Form” which would be submitted to PC World’s HQ and they would then consider giving me a quote. I replied yet again I was not interested in filling any bad-customer-service-2forms I merely wanted a quote. I was feeling a little tense by now, in this sense ‘tense’ can be seen as GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave him evidence of my background, holdings re companies, and demonstrated I was being very serious and genuine about my need to purchase in such volumes. I finished this email by once again asking, imploring for a quote.

Adrian, who I was starting to feel I should put in my calendar to send him a birthday card due to our ever increasing time together, said he had talked to his manager and that if I gave him the information he could fill the form in for me. All the info he needed was info I had already given.  I was fuming by now, I was so mad by this stage, over a week of asking time and time again for a quote and I had got nowhere. So I said I felt they were being ridiculous and that this was absurd, I wasn’t asking them to give them to me for free, I had cash, I wanted to buy, give me a quote by 5pm as I had wasted enough time with them. callcenter1

5pAngry-keym came and drifted along without a quote. So I decide to avail myself of the platform I have and tell everyone reading this that I know why we are unable to get out of this sustained recession. It is because even larger retailers like PC World cannot even give people a quote; they just didn’t seem to want the business. As a businessman I was really insulted by their attitude and lack of action, are they the next company to take a nose dive. I was so angry that PC World were ignorant, unwelcoming, and difficult to the extreme to get information out of them, wasting my time completely. I use to put all of my IT based purchases through PC World; never again, they have lost a customer for sure. This was the perfect example of how not to operate aUnhappy-Customer company – so frustrating.

Perhaps the PC stands for Puerile Calamity, and this is not a ‘World’ we would want to be part of. They need to completely overhaul their customer services, or lack of, and completely rethink their engagement with businesses that have money to spend. PC World you are simply awful and I was more annoyed with myself that I wasted time even bothering with you. You have lost my family, my companies and me as customers. I shall ensure to tell as many people as possible of my utterly negative experiences of you. PC World I wonder how long it will be before you are relegated to just a distant memory (not a fond one) such as Woolworths, HMV, Comet, Jessops, etc. Bye, bye PC World……….. one-unhappy-customer


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