Loss of Humanity

Loss of Humanity gursky_chicago_board_of_trade_ii

I was upset by a joke on Twitter but giving it some thought I realised it merely highlighted the environment the Government has fostered, has created:crip-catchers-small

“What have Grey Squirrels, Badgers, Deer & the disabled have in common? The Government want to cull them all.”

As I said, not a particularly nice joke but one that does speak out to the negativity that has been actively promoted about the disabled by the Government – take more from the welfare state and keep spending on weapons, is just one example. Do phrases like “benefit scroungers”, “benefit cheats”, “DLA fraudsters”, sound familiar? They should as these are the negative words that are pushed around by the Government and the press, to give the impression that slashing the Welfare State is the right thing to do, to stop giving money to all these “scroungers”. In this way any back lash is minimised and they can comfortably turn round and say, “let’s cut DLA recipients by 400,000”, they just plucked the number out of the sky, tell the press and the public “it’s to get rid of the people cheating the system”, so that’s ok then.Disabled rights protesters at Parliament, Westminster England UK. Image shot 1999. Exact date unknown.

Protest by disabled people against cuts in their benefits, Westminster, London However, there is a side-effect of all their game playing. They devalue people and they devalue the most vulnerable in our society. I know a very large number of disabled people, many of who are in receipt of the maximum rate of Disability Living Allowance for life, because they have a significant disability, a degenerative condition, a long term condition, an irreparable condition that is not going to get better. Legs will not grow back once lost, spinal cord breaks will not repair themselves, my particular condition will only deteriorate and eventually kill me no doubt. My needs are only going to increase, and I am made to feel like a parasite by this Government. Yet I carry with my condition costs that non-disabled people don’t have, need for carers 24/7, extra laundry, private Physiotherapy (as the state only pays for Physiotherapy where there are gains to be made), and in my case the need is to keep my arms working as long as possible. I did nothing to cause my disability (not that it matters if I did), my family did nothing to cause this disability, yet we have to live with its consequences every minute of every day until I am called to my Maker. So thanks for the negative imagery and labelling by the Government, thanks for humiliating me, as if personal care wasn’t humiliating enough.

Sometimes I think in so many ways my own sense of humanity is eroded, as I struggle to deal with persistent and negative intrusive thoughts about my1327888629-disabled-protesters-block-oxford-circus-in-protest-against-cuts_1025677 disability. I call it the hell of no answers as one asks, “Why me, what did I do to deserve this?” So seeing such negative stereotyping in the press, on the news, in the community, does nothing to help me manage my own disability so I am less of a burden. I of course know the difference between right and wrong (wish our Government did), understand clearly my responsibilities and my duty as an adult, a husband, a father, son, brother and as a businessman. I know I am loved and in return I love and cherish my family and I adore my Angel, but life is hard and the Government make it so much harder, as if I needed them to. They, the Government, the games they play at the expense of the disabled, makes me want to give up, makes me want to just fade out, just go to sleep and not see the dawn, as their constant chipping away, spewing negative detritus about the disabled is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. DRO-Tenbroek

I am not a scrounger, I am not a cheat, I am not lazy, I have created over my years in management and various industries over 2,000 jobs minimum, created several companies and paid huge amounts in personal and corporation tax, and get labelled a scrounger – disgusting. I am so personally offended by how the Government are acting that I really do think the disabled population should form a political party to start fighting back, challenging this awful stereotyping, galvanising the 10,000,000 disabled in this once credible country of ours that used to believe in the Welfare State. ????????

Someone once said that hell is living without the presence of God in one’s life. They were wrong, hell is living with a degenerative condition that removesr-ATOS-BENEFITS-SPLASH-large570 dignity, removes the ability to self-care, removes the ability to walk, and removes self-worth with the loss of bodily functions. Hand in hand is the removal of self-esteem and self-respect, as one is judged on the outward signs of disability. This is hell, and added to it by near constant pain, so the last thing I need is to be stressed by the Government, or to see the snapping, slobbering jaws of ATOS coming at me. What I and all disabled people need (and their loved ones) is the state to be compassionate, to be supportive, to be caring. So this is my campaign:

  1. Stop the negative stereotyping of the disabled
  2. Stop spending £390,000,000 on ATOS
  3. Stop the planned changes to DLA
    • It isn’t miss-used
    • It isn’t broken

Protest by disabled people against cuts in their benefits, London, Britain - 11 May 2011

DLA for life is a recognition that I am not going to walk again, the blind are not going to see, ATOS does not have Jesus working with them to heal the afflicted. We must stop this loss of humanity that walks freely due to the Government. Bring back our humanity for those living with the effects of disability.




An empty wheelchair is not a sign that the owner was a scrounger, it is a sign that the person was no longer abled to cope with the victimisation of a Gov that is supposed to protect the disabled from abuse, and not be the abusers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!862348-disable


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