Am a Little Bit Impressed

Am a Little Bit Impressed                  Liberal Democrats Hold On In Eastleigh; UKIP Tops Conservatives

I have to admit seeing the Liberal Democrats win the Eastleigh bi-election was a little bit impressive to say the leastnigel-farage_2488639b. After all they had to contend with the outgoing Lib Dem being found guilty of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice (thought that was in the job descriptions for MPs), Perjury (as if MPs ever told the truth, you know when they are lying because they are facing a camera and their lips are moving). But credit where credit is due, even with his complete bungling of who knew what and when relating to Lord Rennard, Nick Clegg pulled of a surprising win, well his team did. But an even bigger surprise was that the Conservative candidate Maria Hutchins was Eastleigh by-electionbooted into third place after there was a surge in support for UKIP who took 2nd place. The very fact that this was supposed to be strictly a two horse race between Lib Dems and the Cons, only Prime Minister Cameron could end up coming third as it turn out, in a two horse race! I bet the ripples through his Backbenchers will send the conspiratorial tongues wagging. With the Local Elections in May, I do wonder how the PM will hold onto his support from within his own party if the results are poor for the Conservatives. Before this there is Osborne delivering another budget in late March, which will go down like a lead balloon I am sure.

As I am digesting this Eastleigh news, I hear that the American budgefiscal_clifft crisis looms without resolution and they are on the brink of the most severe austerity cuts they have ever known. 10,000 teachers to be laid off, back to work programmes axed, 100’s of billions cut from the federal budgets and 100’s of thousands of people to be laid off. One senior American Senator said the USA was facing financial and services Armageddon. And we thought we had it bad! But that was not the end of the political news, not at all. Next the news expelled that the manufacturing sector of the country had actually shrunk, no one in the Chancellor’s Department was free to comment but there were sound bites released from Government officials saying “everything is fine, blah, blah”, that in reality the down turn was, “an analytical anomaly that was unlikely to occur again”, was an anomaly that was absolutely opposite to what the Chancellor said would happen. The man has not got any of his predictions right, not in 2 ½ years of this guy being in british-austerity-flagcharge of our economy – or should I say not in charge so much as hanging on by his damn fingernails as this economic bronco bucks him, fools him, ditches him in the dirt at every opportunity.   I mean, come on, “analytical anomaly”, get a job but not in anything to do with our economy for pity’s sake. And what was the result of this “analytical anomaly”, sterling nose-dived off a cliff, and reached an all-time low against the dollar (effectively the most commonly used currency in the world!). Now remember that’s even with the USA in a huge budgetary crisis pushing alarm bells through stock exchanges globally. What does all that mean? Simplistically the cost of imported goods goes up as the Pound is weaker, and we import more as manufacturing isn’t producing enough – yes I really want Osborne to stay as Chancellor another 30 months!!!!!!!! And know I havent missed that we have also lost our tripple A status, which means borrowing costs more! gun_bank-1

But there was yet more, just to demonstrate how not in control the Government really are. Lloyds TSB, the bank we bailed out in 2008/9 and still own the lion’s share of, posted huge multi-million pound losses, not really a surprise with all the miss-selling, financial fines, etc. But the losses were huge even by banking standards and here is the punch line, they are going to be paying out more than £350 million in bonuses to their employees. Yes that’s right, only in the financial world can you be a complete and utter failure and you still get paid millions. In any other business, make a r-LLOYDS-BANKING-LOSS-large570loss of the type and size that Lloyds posted and you are straight into bankruptcy, but not in this perverse and unholy business sector. The financial sector writes their own rules, suspends the laws of commerce and manipulates data to do whatever they want, and pay themselves huge bonuses with OUR money, and the Chief Executive sounds like blinking Osborne, “everything is fine”, “if we don’t pay the bonuses people will leave” – YOU MADE A MULTI-MILLION POUND LOSS WITH OUR MONEY! You guys are more like some sort of magic act than professional financial executives; I thought we had learnt our lesson when the financial sector took the world’s economies to the brink of destruction.

untitled So once again I find myself asking simple questions:Storm-over-London

  1. What is the Financial Services Authority doing about it all?
  2. What is the Governments view on a bank that only exists with tax payer’s money, paying huge bonuses whilst making a loss?
  3. Where is the control?
  4. Where is the regulation to control the financial sector in the UK?
  5. Where is the Government’s oversight?

article-2243281-165BE3A7000005DC-154_634x433 I get the impression that we have not learnt a damn thing; we have not learnt to control these beasts of greed, self-imposed makers and shakers of financial products, who are full of their own grandeur and self-importance, as they laugh at the tax payers looking in disbelief that they can lose millions and get paid bonuses by the millions. They must just laugh at us and I bet they cannot believe their luck.

But even that wasn’t the worst of the news; there was yet more absurdity from our poDefence Secretary Philip Hammond standslitical masters of mayhem and madness. The Minister of Defence Philip Hammond said it was better to cut Welfare than cut the defence budget! Yes that’s right; a Minister of the Crown publically announced it was better to take even more from the most vulnerable so we had more money to spend on bombs! Perhaps Minister Hammond thinks it would be even better to shoot those in receipt of Welfare and by so doing not only improving the aim of soldiers but also freeing up more money for the replacement of our Nuclear arsenal that isn’t even needed anyway!!!!!!! Take even more from the bullets-hand-richard-alexander-caraballo1poor, and there was me thinking that the ‘Bedroom’ Tax was way too far. Now we have the Government wanting to prioritise bullets and bombs over the most vulnerable citizens in our once great country. This just shows the true thinking of the Government, the true nature of the beast that leads this country so poorly, the true nature of their view that the rich are ok and the rest can go to hell. Yes their true colours are clear for all to see, weapon development before the needs of the disabled. This Government must really hate anyone who didn’t attend some posh elitist school or those not able to make political donations – they have just about destroyed the Welfare State and now they want bullets above the needs of their citizens. We have fallen such a long way in 2 ½ years, we have lost our common sense but worse, we have lost our humanity! 62524_397039493698918_336643719_n


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