Monthly Archive: March, 2013

100th Blog & InnovationG3 is Born (& destined for greatness)

InnovationG3 “Innovative minds delivers innovative ideas, which in turn delivers innovative solutions…………………….”  “When you form a new partnership you have to be careful to allow others to express their thoughts and be respected for… Continue reading

Austerity Gone Mad!

Austerity Gone Mad! “So very deluded and living in a Country in his own head!”  I wonder what will happen to this world, to this country, as I watch this recession dip for… Continue reading

Puerile Calamity – How Ridiculous

Puerile Calamity – How Ridiculous  “What on earth is the matter with them…………………….”  “From a business perspective they are the perfect example of how not to do customer services……”  I was dumfounded by… Continue reading

Is it in the Genes

Is it in the Genes? Nature, Nurture or Both?  “What characteristics/behaviours are we born with, which do we learn and which are a bit of both?”  My daughter, just 17 (I have another daughter… Continue reading

Loss of Humanity

Loss of Humanity  I was upset by a joke on Twitter but giving it some thought I realised it merely highlighted the environment the Government has fostered, has created: “What have Grey Squirrels,… Continue reading

I Was Wondering

I Was Wondering “I like to ponder on things that catch my attention………….” I was pondering about some of the items on the news, particularly the one about the Financial Services Authority giving… Continue reading


Beware of Those you Trust I don’t think I am a man of aggression and violence, I don’t believe myself to be dishonourable or dishonest, I don’t believe I am scheming or wish… Continue reading

An Atom of Truth

An Atom of Truth & a Cost of Billions  As we know the truth does not come easy to some, from my own experience even those closest to you in business and in… Continue reading

Am a Little Bit Impressed

Am a Little Bit Impressed                  I have to admit seeing the Liberal Democrats win the Eastleigh bi-election was a little bit impressive to say the least. After all they had to contend with… Continue reading

A Time to be Proud

A Time to be Proud, for Once…… “I know a lot of people wont agree with this blog, but that just makes it more important we talk about such issues, address concerns, debate… Continue reading