To Name But A Few!

To Name But A Few! 2012 London Paralympics - Opening Ceremony

In the 47 years I have lived on this earth I have seen such amazing occurrences, sometimes tragic, but often unforgettable such as, to name but a few:

  • The first female Prime Minister of Britain;article-1161628-03DDAF56000005DC-305_468x642
  • The first African American President of the United States;
  • The Arab uprising, also called the Arab Spring against dictatorships;
  • Death of Princess Diana;
  • The rise of her son who will be king;
  • Beverley Allitt;
  • The Falklands War;
  • Golf War I & II;
  • Afghanistan War;
  • The destruction of the welfare state;
  • The taming of the press;
  • The Liberals actually being in Government and having political power;
  • My marriage to my Angel;
  • The birth of my children;
  • The passing of my beloved Father;
  • The Paralympics being held in London on an equal footing to the Olympics – was wonderful;
  • The resignation of the Pope (perhaps we will see the first black Pope appointed);
  • The tragic events following Oscar and Reeva;

Too many unprecedented events to list here, and as I have mentioned some were joyous occasions, some devastatingly tragic beyond my ability to express. For example, and as per my one my recent blogs, the unveiling of the Inquiry into Mid Staffs Hospital and the suffering that went on will stay with me a long time, but more so because of the Government’s reaction in comparison to its reaction to another iceberg the Government sailed into. Mid_staffs_inquiry-QueenElizabethConference

I of course refer to the reason all our lasagnes’ have tasted so good, or our burgers so rich. Yes, the great stampede of the horse scandal which seems to be tying the Government up in knots, or should that be lassoed them?!? Either way the mane (couldn’t resist it) thrust of the problem is that horse meat hasn’t just been contaminating untitledour food, in some cases the entire meat content of food labelled beef has in fact been horse. As a result this Government and all those of Europe have been saddled (again sorry) with the problem and now need to rein (oops) the problem in and stop it from galloping (ouch) out of control (look it is just so easy to joke about this subject). So the Government have had meating (you might as well accept now that I am going to be making these jokes all the way through this passage) after meating with all the major supermarkets and emergency meatings to get this problem under control but I think the Government are trying to shut the stable door now the horse has bolted as they say (it’s a relevant and legitimate phrase!). Asda, Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, all of the main players were called into government offices without notice and told to test all their meat products to see what the heck is actually being suggested is beef, pork, etc. But in reality these meetings were just so the Government could seem like they were in control of the situation – which they just aren’t, as the problem lies in suppliers of meat products and the complexity of the supply chain stretching as far and wide as South America in some places. This horse has definitely bolted and there are speculations this has been going on for decades. Wonder what the reaction will be if they find horse or other meat types in baby food?!? staffs-hospital-scandal3-06022013-jpg_122217

Stafford hospital report over deathsI stress the irony of this near panic by the Government about horse meat being in our food, when it is an acceptable meat in many countries, and which we consumed here up until just after World War II. Yet the Government have not had one meeting about the findings of the Mid Staffs Inquiry and the appalling deaths of over 1000 patients, and 5 further hospitals being investigated. Perhaps their priorities are a little stuffed up, as on the one hand there are no reported deaths in this Country from eating horse meat, and on the other there are actually over a 1000 deaths from lack of care in an NHS Hospital and this number is likely to sky rocket as more inquiries and inspections deliver their results. Am I the only one to think this is a ridiculous way of prioritising what is important and what needs addressing urgently? Both the horse meat and the Mid Staffs Inquiry will stay with me to my grave. But it is when one reflects (must be my age) on what one has lived through, that one starts to think about one’s own place in this world, what will be remembered? Spooky_Pathway_Wallpaper_9dzl7

Sometimes I can see the path in life I am supposed to take, a winding, twisting path that touches so many places and people along its course. But as I reach out to touch it, it dissipates like sand slipping through my fingers to blend in seamlessly with the beach. I see the path there in the distance but the harder I look at it the more blurry it autumn-forest-trees-leaves-pathway-fence-naturebecomes, as if covered with a heat haze shimmering the picture. Is this caused by my own doubts, my own lack of confidence to stake clearly what I want to spend the remainder of my life doing? Perhaps I don’t believe in what I am capable of truly achieving, whilst I tinker round the edges with this project and that project. I know others believe in me and my skills, but there are times this does not translate into my own belief or internal strength to succeed. At heart I think there is a level of cowardice within me and I do what all cowards do, I stand still not daring to move in case seen or attacked, unable to run, not daring to step on the path I can see. Sure I cover up my cowardice with statements that all is fine, that this right here is a good place to be, or that I am worried about what others will say or think of me. All the time I know the path is waiting for me, wanting me to take a step to see where it goes, to achieve what I am meant to achieve, perhaps to create a real legacy that makes a difference to many people.


BigIdeaThis is where the Entrepreneur in me suddenly delivers a surge of frustration that I can only compare to being electrocuted – the Entrepreneur is always looking for the next thing, never satisfied, never content, as once the development of an idea is done, they are already onto the next four or five new ideas. But is this the path I am supposed to be on. When I am eventually called to the grace of God will I reflect and be able to say I achieved all I can achieve, been all that I could have been and achieved what I was supposed to achieve. I do believe that I am destined to and meant to benefit others, as bold as I know that sounds, and that I was given a second chance at life in 2011, but to achieve what, to do what? Just to make this really surreal, am I doing what I’m meant to do already, or is it that the  child within me is just never satisfied(gosh I think I have just confused myself)?

I think that I do believe I have had a second chance at life and Core_Values_Word_Cloudwith this comes a responsibility to make the remaining time I have count. Forgive the big headed statement, but I also know I want to spend my life being of benefit to others and making a positive difference, perhaps reinforced by the negativity that has been forced upon me by this condition that may well end my life one day. So I make this pledge to myself to follow what I know to be right, what I know to be positive for my family and others, what I know will make the most positive difference in our society. I know I suspect I am so busy looking around for that path, that actually if I looked down and not to the horizon, I will see that wheelchair is firmly on the path I am supposed to be on. One last thing, I have had Findus’ Lasagne and it tasted pretty good to me.



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