My Love, My Life, My Angel

My Love, My Life, My Angel Xmas JW 2012 (11)

I tremble as I start this

I know I don’t have the words

The words to describe how I feel

The words to describe the love I have

The words to explain what you mean to me

The words will fail me

I feel like a child

Feeling but not able to elaborate

As some famous author of poet could do

I don’t think I have the words

To explain the depth of the love I have for you

That you add colour to my life

Add flavour to life’s blandness

Add meaning to everything in my life

As my life is yours

Yes belongs to you totally

My love for you has no equal

Is deeper that the deepest ocean

Feels stronger than the strongest metal

Feels warm, comforting, solid

There is no comparison that explains

How my sun rises and sets with love for you

Every moment of everyday is consumed with love for you

This isn’t a Valentine’s message

As I adore you every day

You have completed me

You have cherished me

You are a wonderful Mother

Bringing our two daughters into the world

A friend to them both

You are a wonderful person

I give thanks everyday

As you are in my life

You choose to be in my life

I am not worthy of such a love

I am not worthy of your love

You have love me unconditionally

And I am humbled totally

How can I every repay you for all this

For all that you have done

For all that you do for me

For our children

For the love I bathe in from you

All I can do is to love you

Adore you

Cherish you

And this will not repay 1%

Of all that I owe you

I don’t have the words

All I can say is I love you till my heart aches

I will love you more than life itself

I will love you till my last breath

Love you and only ever you

I love you

Love you

My Wife

My Friend

My Love

My Angel

My Carol

I love you

Only you

Forever and a day

Only love for you

Greece 2010 (9)