Monthly Archive: February, 2013

One Remaining Castle

One Remaining Castle  “One Bastian Against the Forces of Evil……..”  In this ravished land of ours, this land blighted with poverty there is a class of people that have been blamed for sucking the… Continue reading

For All The Lives Touched

For All The Lives Touched – For All The Lives Lost  “Like the most twisted of plays………”  I follow these terrible events each day, as scene after scene of this tragic, twisted play… Continue reading

To Name But A Few!

To Name But A Few!  In the 47 years I have lived on this earth I have seen such amazing occurrences, sometimes tragic, but often unforgettable such as, to name but a few:… Continue reading

Oscar! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Oscar!  “Has the Blade Runner fallen in front of the world?” From this: To this in one moment:  I am so struggling with the news about Oscar Pistorius being arrested and suspected of… Continue reading

My Love, My Life, My Angel

My Love, My Life, My Angel  I tremble as I start this I know I don’t have the words The words to describe how I feel The words to describe the love I… Continue reading

What a world we live in!

For pity sake stop, step back and look!  What a world we live in when dead dogs come before people!  This won’t take long, as words are not really needed. I saw a… Continue reading

Squalor and Stench

Squalor and Stench  There is a place in this country of ours that still smacks of the filth and disease of the Work-Houses of the 18th and 19th Centuries. A place where Death’s… Continue reading

Beyond Comprehension

Beyond Comprehension My mind shudders My thoughts are jumbled I can’t make sense of it I don’t understand How could it have happened so quickly How could it have been so final How… Continue reading

Truth – The Dragon Flies

Truth  “Clarity appears in the swirling mist….”  During times of affluence there can be a certain smugness which falls upon the land, a certain “aren’t we doing well and bugger the rest” can… Continue reading

Blood From A Stone

Blood From A Stone “On how many sides can one take being hit before one just gives up completely………..”  I was listening to the news yesterday and again today, and I should have known better,… Continue reading