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What is there to Debate? EU-BUDGET/

What the hell is Cameron on about, thinking he can negotiate a new relationship with the European Union. What on earth does he think he is going to be able to gain from so called EU partners, will they really let him cherry-pick what he wants and does not want? They have already stated that they will not negotiate1e to allow the UK to do what they wish, and this is at the heart of the EU. They want to be a Federation with all member countries having one set of laws, one set of taxation, one currency, the ability to overturn the decisions of the member country’s legal processes (as they have done to the UK on several occasions), standardisation at any cost, one Country of Europe in the making (a new country called Europe with Germany and France leading it). This forming Federation of Europe will not allow the UK to have the choice pickings and leave the rest, they want to reduce our autocracy as a country and this has to stop. The French and Germans are clearly stating this “more flexible Europe”, as Cameron puts it, is not negotiable, and even in a French newspaper a survey said that 70% wanted the UK to leave the EU. Well you’re welcome to it. So Cameron’s strutting, his so called renegotiation with Europe will be met by a wall of resistance, and when challenged by the press as to what will happen if he does not get what he wants, he had no answer at all. This just showed how hollow this so called vote winning stance really is. Now I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, I am absolutely in favour of what we entered so many decades ago, a single market for trade, but the EU we have now is as different from this starting point as human’s are from flying pigs. If I felt for one moment Cameron would be able to negotiate our way back to this original concept then I would be his biggest fan, but this simply cannot happen. The EU is closer to a one country state than it is to just a Common Market, a market place. 1c

If this wasn’t bad enough, he then went on to say that “if” the Conservatives win the next election, and what an ‘if’ that is, he will give the UK population an in or out of Europe referendum – but not until 2018!!!!!!!!!!! So for the next 5 years we have uncertainty, not knowing whether we will be in Europe or not. How is a business expected to plan and predict with this limbo position? Talk about non-committal! As the Christmas cracker joke goes, he used to be indecisive but now he’s not sure! BRITAIN EU PROTEST

How is it that he knows that the majority of the UK wants out of Europe, and states he is operating in the interest of the UK but, in reality it is nothing more 1fthan a feeble attempt to try and appease his own back-benchers. He’s going to get saddle-sores from sitting on the fence at this rate. If he only looked up he would see that the UK do want out of the EU and if Cameron led us decisively out of Europe he would not just win this election but many more to come. It would be a decisive and positive step forward to ridding us of this blasted recession and put an end to this third dip. All the business owners I know are utterly sick of the recession, of the rules, regulations and standards imposed on us by Europe, stifling and restricting commerce. Do not leave British commerce in limbo, it’s ridiculous and very dangerous, it could create a 4th or even 5th dip in the recession. We could end up with an entire generation negatively affected by this terrible, corrosive and crippling recession. Businesses are ready to shine, ready to push out but we need our political elite to be commercially decisive, not ambiguous and vague. We need them to lead the charge to commercial freedom and leave the terminally ill European Union behind us in our dust.

I have no doubts at all that given the freedom that leading Europe would give UK commerce, positivity would return, optimism increase, and along with this comes increased investment and growth. Perhaps even the banks (sorry to use such a dirty word) would start lending to businesses, start financing start-ups1e again, perhaps. But as it stands, this preposterous and ridiculous situation we are now in since Cameron’s speech this morning, the only people that will benefit will be UKIP. At least they are clear on their position, “the UK is better off out of the EU without question”. And let’s not forget how much the UK spends on this crippled club. Since 1979 we have paid in an estimated £230,000,000,000 (that’s £230 billion)! Yes we have had money back in the form of subsidies but nowhere near the amount we paid in. One organisation estimated we only got back 40% of what we paid in, billions upon billions into the financial black hole that is the EU. And we strive to cut benefits to our most disabled of citizens – reprehensible and inexcusable. So let’s save billions of pounds each year and get the hell out of the decaying EU.


The scaremongers will say we will lose so much if we leave the EU, but this is nonsense, the companies selling into Europe will continue but with less EU red tape to hang the unwary businessman by. All that will change is that we have more freedom, our democracy and courts will be preserved and we will have more money to show for it. As we have seen with the banks (again I apologise for such language), but success due to lack of regulations is not just possible, it’s guaranteed. Lead us out of Europe Cameron, and do it now; this is how you wipe UKIP out as a party. I am tired of this recession – aren’t you? I am tired of this Government and its mistakes that happen again and again – aren’t you? I am tired of this European Union and it taking our sovereignty away from us bit by bit – aren’t you?  Time to get rid of this ailing white elephant! Time for this Country to prosper once again! 1g


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