I was asked what the one action I would suggest a new entrepreneur should take to be a success. By new entrepreneur I1j mean someone who finally has the confidence to action that idea they have had. Such a hard question as there are so many actions I would highly recommend, such as having:

  • A business plan
  • A cash flow forecast
  • A detailed budget
  • Targets and outcomes to be achieved
  • A narketing plan

Confidence word destruction

But even these do not really compare to the confidence needed to implement them, to go out into the world and sell your Confidence-Levelproduct or service. To have the belief in your company will shine through and help you deliver your aspirations, which are personal to every individual. Some go into business to make money, some to make a difference to society, and some even have loftier reasons for entering the cut throat of commerce.

The personal confidence one needs to go out of your comfort zone, whether home, office or business centre is key as no one is going to do it for you. Your business and the success or failure is down to you – the buck stops with you. Therefore, keep a clear focus on what you need to achieve each day, which contributes to what you need to achieve each week, each month, each year and so on.Wonderful  (29)

I can’t emphasise this point enough, you must have focus on what needs to be achieved.  Some use a ‘to do list’, some a check list, others keep it in their heads – not that I know how they could possibly do that. For me, I write what I need to do in a diary – Monday need to do X, Tuesday need to do Y, Wednesday need to do Z, I’m sure you get the picture. I tend to write lots down and keep a record of:

  • Who I met
  • What we discussed
  • Any agreements
  • Any action points
  • In particular contact details

I use these details to build up a data base of people who I can call upon.


This leads me to the action I would recommend to any entrepreneur:

“Do not try to work in isolation”Atos-Data-Centre-networking-technologiesYou see, stepping into a world and lifestyle of an entrepreneur means you are part of a community of business men and women. If you make the effort you will find many, many people willing to help you. One needs to be cautious and ensure you keep your intellectual property (IP), safe.ts Business confidentiality is essential so remember to be selective as to what you discuss, but absolutely ask for help if you need it.

I wrote a blog about bartering which is always good to remember. If someone helps you make sure you offer to help them if you can. This will strengthen the business connection too. Part of this process is good old fashioned ‘networking’ but again be focussed. I know of some people who go to every single networking event going, whether it is relevant to their business sector or not – maybe they’re lonely or something. To me this is a waste of time and resources. There are already too few hours in the day when in business, so focus. Whatever sector your business is in there will be networking events, and if you find there isn’t then start your own. Finding out what others are doing or are struggling with is essential information for you and your business development.

At networking events you get the opportunity to develop more contacts, develop your database, develop business friendships and develop your connections to support your growth.1c

If you have no idea about where to start re networking events then a good place to start is the internet, local Economic Development Departments of councils within a 50 mile radius of you or even your local Chamber of Commerce (membership can be expensive). You may even find there is a forum for entrepreneurs (again membership can be expensive), so check out Business Links online (navigation around the site can be a pain). So, this is my one action to recommend, “focussed networking”, and make sure you know what you want to get out of every event you go to so that so that it is worth your valuable time to attend, your time does equate to money so:



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