Eulogy to my hero…………….

My Dad My Hero

(Eulogy) M&D Sept 2012 (3)

He is my role model

He is my hero

The person I aspire to be

Even though I fall so short

He taught me so much

And will continue to do so

To be a decent man

To understand my commitments

To be a man

A husband

A father

A decent human being

To understand the importance of work

The ethics of work

To have simple yet meaningful life values

That means so very much


Hard work in support of your family

And family comes first

He taught me to be brave and stand strong

To know when to hold your family tight

When devastation strikes

To protect them to your last breath

To never give up

And never use excuses

When all you have to do is just try your hardest

I hear his wisdom

When I talk to my children

Instilling such good values down the generations

Yes I hear his voice when I speak to them

About the wrongs and rights they do

When I guide them in life

As he guided me and continues to

My Dad served his Country

Looked after his family

Putting them before his own needs

Showed me how to love your life partner by the example he gave

Picked up his children when we fell

Both as children and as adults

He went from being my Father

To my best friend

The person I turned to

A hero in my eyes

And that of my family

It’s the finality of it all that is so false

As I still hear him

Still see him

Always influenced and guided by him

My Dad wasn’t big on faith

But was the most spiritual of people I ever met

With his total belief in loving your partner

Your children

You are always with me Dad

And I am grateful of that

Grateful I had time with you

You have not gone away

You are in my heart guiding me forever

I love you Dad

God bless you Dad

Another star in the night sky shining bright

My hero……. M&D Sept 2012 (6)

(Born 13th July 1932, Passed from us on the 21st of December 2012 & laid to rest with the love of his family 3rd January 2013)

 All my love Dad

Jonathan W

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