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“UK steps towards being a Communist state”. We already have a one way extradition agreement that allows USA to trample on the rights of the British citizen;

We already have anti-terrorism laws that allow people to be detained without trial for long periods of time; 1e

We already accept as a society that GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarter) listen into our calls, read our texts and emails “in the best interest of keeping safe”, said a previous Home Office Minister;

We have a current Government that wants to bring in ‘Secret Courts’ rather than open justice; 1iWe have a British bank tried for laundering drug money but no person is prosecuted at all (the person over-seeing HSBC is now a Government Minister for Trade – laughable); GCHQ-580_77405a

We have only a few days ago a report released into the shooting of a Civil Rights Lawyer & Family Catholic man shot1j dead by Loyalist factions in 1989, shot 14 times in front of his wife and his children. Prime Minister Cameron went to the House of Commons to apologise for the Governments of 1989’s involvement in this shooting, yes the report was crystal clear on this point, “The state was involved and in collusion with the Loyalist gunmen that committed this atrocity”. The ‘State’ colluded in his death and was this the only instance of death squads being helped by the state, not at all;

Sami al-Saadi and his daughter, Khadija, in Tripoli in 2011

And finally I want you to remember one more ‘Government’ based support for utter breaches in human rights when it suits them, the Government is to pay Libyan dissident’s family £2.2m over MI6-aided rendition, Sami al-Saadi, wife and four children were secretly flown from Hong Kong to Tripoli where he was tortured by Gaddafi police, and we assisted in this knowing what would happen to Sami and his family;

So as you read on, remember the above and what the state is so capable off when it feels it needs to be, and when deals are done with the Devil over our Human Rights; 1n

Now we have a new Home Office Minister (Teresa May), wanting to bring in an act of law that would not have looked out of place in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia, even modern day Communist China. Yes, the Secretary of State wants to bring in the Communication and Data Bill (CDB), also nicknamed the ‘Snooper’s Charter’. In essence, the Act of Parliament will force all social media, broadband and mobile device providers, inclusive of WIFI and download providers, to keep records of all action taken by users of services – that would be all of us, everything we say in any technological format, and all our personal details for a minimum of 12 months. Big Brother Society is on its way in the UK. no-snoopers-fb-cover

This excessively intrusive Bill has driven yet another wedge into the fracturing Coalition, cracks started with Leveson are being made1t into wider fissures by CDB, as Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister), refuses to accept the proposals and asked the Home Office for a “fundamental review of a fundamentally flawed proposal”. So, as Teresa and Nick square up for a fight to the death of this Act, more details of the Bill are revealed, the details send shivers down the spine and any freedom of speech believer, like the unfolding of a Stephen King or Patricia Cornwall novel, as we move into a world that potentially could mimic ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

The CDB will allow a current or future Home Office Secretary of State to:

  • Increase the number of departments or agencies able to view the information held by providers – currently as the Bill stands it would only be the security services, police and the Home Office – if that wasn’t enough already!?!
  • Expand the list of data to be kept or the organisations that should keep specified data;
  • Expand the length of time the information should be kept;

Body Found In Flat of MI6 Worker In London

And all of these changes are able to be made without reference or oversight to Parliament. The Home Office Secretary of State would become the keeper of all information, communications and interactions of 63 million UK citizens regardless of age. This is utterly a step too far. Sure we fool ourselves and conveniently forget GCHQ listens to our conversations, reads our texts and emails already, regardless of whether a court order is applied for (as per the law requires – we know they ignore such niceties), but to have total oversight by all is too close to the needs of a dictator to assume control of the airwaves and all information flying around electronically 24/7. So, perhaps the explanation of why we need such a fishing net that gathers every man, woman and child in the UK into it. 1r

Well if you are hoping for a rationale that makes you want to support the CDB you are about to be extremely disappointed. The rationale for the invasiveness of the Bill is in order to capture information about criminal and terrorist activity, which already exists under the roof of GCHQ. This very rationale is made even more hollow when all any criminal group, with IQs in double figures or above, would have to do is change to a server provider not based in the UK, of which there are thousands worldwide. The rationale just does not hold up to scrutiny, it spies on all of us just in case the security services or police get a snippet of useful information, an information trawler capturing everyone and justifying communist like state snooping into our private lives – IT’S JUST PLAIN WRONG! 1o

Over the course of a lifetime of 70 years it is estimated that the average working person will pay £750.000 in taxes, and I don’t want one penny of it to go towards the implementation or administration of this Act and its spying on me and my loved ones. It’s a snoop too far and needs to be placed in the Parliamentary shredder never to be heard of again. I live in the UK and am proud of it, I don’t want to live in a totally controlling totalitarian communist state! SHRED THE ACT! 1d

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http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/dec/13/libyan-dissident-mi6-aided-rendition 1m



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