Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future   The Past: I thought this was perfect timing to look at the revelations we lived through during 2012, those occurrences that I felt I connected with or was affected… Continue reading


21:12 & Avarice  Gosh, where the heck do you start with the revelations of the financial institutions over the past couple of years? I suppose they all first came to infamy with Jesus… Continue reading


SPY UK “UK steps towards being a Communist state”. We already have a one way extradition agreement that allows USA to trample on the rights of the British citizen; We already have anti-terrorism… Continue reading


Tested  I watched the news on Tuesday on two different channels as I just didn’t understand, I was confused. I consider myself to be a bright individual but even so I could not… Continue reading

Political & Economic Capital

Political & Economic Capital  “Just some ideas that might help, may not be popular but they would help…….” “Every idea can help if you just listen more than you talk…….” I wonder if… Continue reading

P.H.B. A New Era in Care from April 2014

P.H.B. A New Brighter Dawn, a New Spring for Care in the Community  “For years a war has raged between ‘Social’ & ‘Health’ with the loser always being the individual and their family living with… Continue reading


HOUSING  Grab for the Green  Ever since cave people moved out from their hillside shelters and out into the forest, where they cleared trees to make spaces for farming and mud and wicker… Continue reading


HOPE “Hope & disability are just a bad combination that should have a mental health warning attached……..”  Hope is a strange commodity that professionals sometimes give out as if it is another form… Continue reading

The Autumn of all Statements

Austerity is the Only Consistency in Sight  “Osborne seems to have no passion or high octane drive; don’t we need this from the person leading us through highs and troughs of this perfect… Continue reading

“Way beyond broken!”

WORK PROGRAMME – “Way beyond broken!” “A contradiction in its own title, perhaps it should be Work Less Programme…..” In the last few days we have seen the release of the Lord Justice… Continue reading