“Goodnight, goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow”

Split and Prosper 

Self-Determination for All

As Juliet said so aptly, “Goodnight, goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow”

 There is so much debate at the moment about whether or not we should leave the EU membership, especially as the EU want an increase to a budget of over one trillion Euro’s (that’s 9 zeros = 1 000 000 000) whereas, we are asking for a cut in the budget and we are being demonised for asking for such a reduction. How can it be justified when our UK Government Departments are swallowing the bitter pill of cuts in excess of 20%, to then give the European Union billions more than last year. In real terms we are giving up to £18 billion a year in membership fees, yet we are closing our own libraries, cutting health and social care, reducing support and care, sorry but it’s just not right.


Some feel we are better in the Euro Zone as it gives us more protection and keeps us in the heart of a large joined up market place. I, and many others, think this is ridiculous as this market place is in deep recession with several members on the brink of bankruptcy. The EU is on the brink of disintegration and it is only the Germans keeping it together, as they bail out Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. and look to incorporate once Eastern Block Countries that need huge investment. But to decide whether we would be in a negative position from being on the outside of this near Federation of states we only have to look at Switzerland, who have a trade agreement with the EU and do just fine, but do not allow this Federation to impose their laws on them as we allow the EU to do at the moment. If we leave the EU why is it a given this is a bad thing, why can’t we continue to trade with each and every one of their members, as we do with nearly every country in the world.

There would be other benefits of leaving too. The European unrestricted migration of workers would be at an end, in real terms we would save nearly £20 billion a year, less unreasonable commercial rules and regulations, and means we can bargain and trade with the rest of the world on our terms, without taking into account what this would be Federation will and won’t allow us to do. Finally, and for me the most important thing, it will stop imposing its laws on us, only our parliament has the right to govern our country, not some officials in Europe we don’t even know the names of, let alone voted for. The final point that wins it for me, as if I needed any more evidence, is that people speak of the necessity to be in the EU market place as if it is the centre of the universe when it comes to commerce. Well I am terribly sorry but the EU market is in recession and extremely unstable, and the emerging markets we should be concentrating on are in South America, India and the Asian continents.

I think this is exactly the right time to leave the EU, exactly the right time to save ourselves billions a year and let’s not forget the majority of the population of the UK do not want to be in this emerging Federation with Deutschland at the helm controlling the money.

But this debate on whether to leave the EU is echoed closer to home by calls from across Hadrian’s Wall to finally be independent, and with revenue still to be had from North Sea oil and gas, who can blame Scotland for wanting independence. To be frank I think why not, but as an independent country they will need to quickly diversify their economy as the amount of oil or gas retrieved from the North Sea is governed by companies based out of Dallas and Houston, and therefore the Scots would be effectively owned by them, as if they reduce production, the revenue from the tax would go down with it. So they would be pretty much ok if they went their separate ways. Hey they could even have Berwick upon Tweed if they wished too, I mean they set their own internal rules re Social Care, Universities, Prescriptions, etc. anyway.

But what really puts a chilli coated bug in my English derriere is this voting lark, and this applied to Northern Ireland and Wales too, all of who have the equivalent to their own parliament. The MPs from these three Countries in their own rights get to vote in their parliament but also in the UK parliament, but English MPs don’t get to vote in the Northern Irish, Welsh & Scottish parliaments/assemblies. To me this is grossly unfair and not democratic at all. Why is this arrangement one way in their favour? This biasness goes further, with the exception of Scotland, due to North Sea gas and oil, which the Westminster Parliament has invested in heavily, expends in these countries far more than is raised in revenue. It should also be noted that none of these subsidiary parliaments bailed out the banks when world commerce imploded, no this was left to Westminster again, and Westminster has been carrying this debt ever since, including the Royal Bank of Scotland. Westminster has also been funding each country to the tune of billions to get through this recession.

In my personal opinion, and as a royalist and a Conservative (although my relationship with the Conservatives is tested to the point of breaking at times), it isn’t just time to remove ourselves from the European Union, which is becoming a monstrous Federation before our eyes, it is time the union of countries that make the United Kingdom separate as well . The Nationalists in each of the Countries have loud and clear voices now through their own Parliamentary assemblies and support this stance. For England it is time too, we would be far better off on every level and it does not stop the Queen being their Monarch, as she is for the Commonwealth of Countries. We would divulge all powers to these individual countries to manage their own destiny, their own evolution in industry and commerce to suit their people. If a poll were done in each country I am sure Scotland (who is having a referendum in 20 months of so), Wales would vote yes, Northern Ireland may vote no, but either way it is right for England, enough is enough. Westminster should now be for the English.

Scotland has some 5 ½ million people

Northern Ireland has some 2 million people

Wales has some 3 million people

England has some 53 million people

And we all have a right to our own country despite our nationality. Isn’t this what we support in so many countries throughout the world, the right of self-determination? It is not that I have anything against the Irish, Welsh or Scottish, hell one of my Grandmothers was Scottish and my Father is Irish, so this is not a matter of race on any level. Economically this is right for England; it’s not just the Scottish that wants this growing voice. England wants this too.

On the face of it nothing much will change, other than 3 more countries, if they choose to, will join the Commonwealth. We will have trade agreements with our former Union partners, but it means we have to stand alone financially and this is the biggest argument in favour of having an English Westminster. We would lose money in taxable revenue but we would save billions more in expenditure.

This is the time to have the flag of St George flying proudly above ‘our’ English Parliament and to follow Swiss example in standing with the EU but not being part of it. This recession calls for new thinking and new strategies and these ideas would bring England back into a prosperous new era of trade and development. There is nothing wrong with self-determination for the English if it’s good enough for other countries such as Scotland. 

It is time for England to be England!


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