Politics of Pay and Salaries

Politics of Pay and Salaries

 “A dirty business and hidden from the electorate most of the time……” 

 “Paid a fortune to fail, management structures so complex no one is accountable and children being abused, sounds like some sort of sick novel, but the real story is in parliament and publically owned & funded bodies………..” 

In general I do not think MPs should have other jobs. It produces conflicts of interest and can be abused. Moving forward I would pay MPs a bigger salary, say £100.000 a year and give them £50.000 for expenses. This way the current mistrust can be eliminated and we can have professional, wholly focussed MPs. Junior ministers should get £125.000 and ministers £150.000. The Prime Minister would get £200.000.

No more false accounting, no more claims for cleaning moats. You get the £50.000 in expenses at the beginning of each year and that’s it. But MPs one and all do not have second jobs, directorships, consultants. They work for the people full time and for no one else. To be found in breach of this would mean sacking and that includes if you go on a jungle based entertainment show when they should be working in Parliament.

In my opinion this is the only way the voters can start to trust MPs, as the damage done over expenses and second jobs scandals, the stench of sour exploitation, of self-serving swines still remains. No matter how the MPs try to ignore it they have never repaired the damage they did by cheating voters/tax payers out of money. You (MPs), may pretend it’s all in the past but the wound is deep, is festering in the public psyche and will not heal until fundamental changes, as suggested above, are implemented. Every time you MPs are caught doing something for money you shouldn’t be doing, morally or ethically; whether legal or not, the whole scandal of the last few years floods back into the minds of the public like a raging Tsunami.

And whilst we are on the subject of Pay for people in public office, paying George Entwhistle a salary of £450.000 a year is obscene. For him to resign after 50ish days in post and still pay him a year’s salary up front is criminal. It makes me want to scream that people are paid, from our taxes and licence fees, so much money it is unjustifiable when benefits are being cut. It’s just not justifiable and morally wrong.

So I have a further suggestion to go along with the new pay and expenses of the House of Commons. I propose that someone, such as me, someone who knows the management structures that work well with regards to quality and accountability, and who also knows the value of money. Review all organisations and departments that are funded by or use tax payers’ money. They would all be restructured, where necessary, and salaries reduced to palatable levels and certainly not at levels of £450.000. I found, on line, just part of the management structure of the BBC and there was layer upon layer upon layer of management. It was so complex even I had trouble working it out. Everyone knows in business the more layers of management you have, the worse accountability and quality becomes. Communication becomes completely stifled so messages from the shop floor never reach the top, and the top never hears about what is happening and their messages never reach the coal face. Sounds just like the mess the BBC got into with Newsnight.

And lets also take account of a public body that issues contracts, somewhat like those buggers the bankers echelon, where to mess up and be fired gets you rewarded with a golden handshake measured in the £100,000s at least – I live in a different world to these people. My wife is a nurse and if she makes a mistake she is sacked and does not get thousands of pounds, she would get zilch. Why are these people so different to us working class peeps, or is their exit salary so way of making sure they keep their gobs shut about what is going on. All such contracts should be reviewed and made fair, as the current arrangements are far from what the public would call fair. Mess us and you can get a payoff that most people would feel would make them rich if they were to win it on the lottery – we definitely live in a different worlds to the old boys club!

This review would not just be the BBC. Heck, no. I would want to review all the Government’s and related civil servants pay, DVLA, universities, DEFRA, etc. Take our money and be in the cross hairs. You want to save money? I’ll find you billions in savings in year one alone. 

As MPs and public tell Lord Patten to get a grip of the BBC, I say to the MPs get a grip of these ridiculous, obscene salaries you sign off on every year. Don’t you dare say you didn’t know at the salaries of the BBC, as ministers sign off on the budget every year. It’s taking the wee wee to pay people such salaries as you, at the same time, take benefits away from those that need the financial support.


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