BBC Gaffs Again

BBC Gaffs Again


“How many mistakes can this once trustworthy organisation be allowed to make, especially when the subject is institutionalised, grotesque and monstrous slaughter of innocence by disgusting paedophiles?”

Will we ever really know the truth about what happened in Northern Wales, those living nightmares children in care suffered? Lord McAlpine, was named by police after horrendously disturbed children identified him by photo line-up. The main witness after identifying the Lord suddenly withdrew his confirmation that it was McAlpine. What on earth is going on? Why did the police put his name to these victims?  These survivors of the wrongly named ‘care system’ in these and so many more cases should be called systematic and institutional slaughter of innocents – slaughter of the child. But why put this famous and honourable Lord of the realm to them – what was the political game that was afoot?

But through it all we can trust the BBC to make another hash of it. Yes, they gaffed again! Yes, relating to child abuse, and yes, George Entwhistle had no control over his organisation yet again, and yes, it was Newsnight again. Just as the Commons Select Committee only a few weeks ago told him to get a grip – he didn’t. Neither did Lord Patten. How have either of them managed not to get the message, as Newsnight, once again,  blasts out a programme with the subtlety TNT, and gets it wrong. What does George do in response? – shrug his shoulders and say “I didn’t know, not my fault”. Well, actually, it is very much your fault. The buck stops with you and you were warned only a few weeks ago. The credibility of the BBC isn’t at risk – it is lost. That Bastian of fighting those with power into submission, the Flag Ship news programme in the UK. Yes,  Newsnight scored yet another huge own goal of such significance that they may not recover.

As newspapers, such as the Guardian, are confirming allegations against Lord McAlpine are false and witness identifications have been withdrawn, Newsnight are naming the said Lord as a monster of the most disgusting kind, actually naming and shaming him. What’s worse, they don’t even notify him and ask for his response prior to the programme being aired. To ask for a response is the industry norm and Newsnight flouted it with no regard to responsible, moral and truth based journalism.

The full force of the media turned on the BBC and Newsnight yet again. Yet again about abuse. Yet again they got it wrong. All George Entwhistle could do was say “I knew nothing”(what an understatement), and force Newsnight to retract every bitter word said about the Lord, especially since the main accuser had withdrawn his identification – rather suddenly. Does it seem strange how certain he was one day and how definite to the opposite the next? But one thing is for sure, the BBC is in tatters and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. They have dishonoured their heritage again. They allowed Saville’s abuse to go on and said nothing, then they lurch to the other side of the spectrum and accuse a Lord of the Realm of being a paedophile and got it wrong, and still Entwhistle shows he is not holding the leash of this out of control beast that is the BBC. Certainly, Newsnight must think he’s a joke releasing such an accusation without letting their boss know. Entwhistle, and a few others, have to go and a ruthless shooter appointed to sort the mess out. Perhaps, then the BBC can start to regain some trust, some quality, some belief from the public. Perhaps one day all the chatter that goes on in pubs and at work will be about the credibility of the journalism at the BBC, unlike at present where the chattering masses are about how wrong the BBC are.

Oh yes, one last thought to leave you with. When these survivors were originally shown a collection of pictures to identify who was in the paedophile ring that abused them, how come the gracious Lord’s picture was part of these mug shots of suspected abusers? Why was his picture part of the collection to start with? Just a thought!

Added note: As this blog was finalised it was announced George Entwhistle had resigned – rightly so and the first right thing the BBC has done regarding Saville and Newsnight. I wish Mr Entwhistle well, he’s just the wrong man for this sort of job, but now the focus is on Lord Patten (, a personal hero of mine. Can he now take the helm, sort this mess out and reclaim the public’s trust in the BBC news, or is it too late?

Added note # 2: Just heard they paid Entwhistle an entire year’s salary for 50-ish days’ work of complete failure to manager – GET REAL! This is tax payers money, what the hell do you think you are doing, and approved by Lord Patten, sorry my ex hero, you must go too. Ridiculous paying for failure with our money – how dare you! The old boys network again kicking in, but that’s what the BBC is isn’t it, the old boys network sticking together, the good old institution fighting change and modernisation at the expense of your reputation and world credibility. Bet if the cleaner resigned as he knew he was incompetent he would be give a year’s salary, you bunch of complete hypocrites.  I have lost all respect for the integrity of the BBC and the management needs replacing on mass, all of you need wiping out.


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