Obama Wins but Europe Burns

Obama Wins – woohoo – Mancrush Going On



Well Obama is back for another 4 years and well done to him, but his job is not any easier than it has been in the previous four years as he has no power in Congress, they have shut him out, so to get any internal changes through he has to find a way of winning Congress back. So he has been given a mandate to lead the nation but his country is split equally between Democrats & Republicans.  Let’s not forget he inherited the worst economic crisis the world has ever faced, and America was ravished by recession, far more in some parts than in the UK. But Obama is spending and investing and is trying to rebuild even with a hostile legislative environment that is set to be obstructive. But we must wish him well because if America recovers in a strong position we will be dragged along with this positively, and this can only be good. This could not be said for Europe, which is far less likely to recover with Greece, Spain, Italy and others being consumed by debt, Europe is collapsing and soaking up money like the world’s biggest sponge. To run the EU alone over the next few years is measured in TRILLIONS of Euros!

Cameron stated he was looking forward to working with Obama to kick start the world economy and to develop a new trade agreement, and I think it makes sense for Cameron to look to the West to improve the lot of the UK, and to the Middle East and Far East for new markets, expanding markets, as this is where much of our oil is coming from too. Before anyone calls a medic, I am not feverish, ill or psychotic, I am saying Cameron is doing the right thing in my humble opinion, and his distancing from Europe is the right thing. Europe is burning and he knows it, hell even my old cat can see it, as she sits quietly next to me farting.

As the fires of Europe’s members burning bright from Greece, Spain and others, sending smoke signals to the world that the European Union is on the brink of falling apart, Cameron is right to strengthen ties and associated markets for our goods that are independent of the EU. He has been forced into confronting the EU leaders by his own party, who simply want out of Europe for the following reasons:

  1. In 2008 we contributed to the EU running costs some £65 Billion, about £1,000 for every person in the UK;
  2. The current situation is probably 35% more than this so about £88 Billion per year;
  3. In a time of national debt this would help pay down the deficit within a couple of years;
  4. EU want a huge % increase this year to support the countries struggling;
  5. We also contributed £Billions to the bailout bank EU set up to burn money in Greece and other countries as if it was firewood (side note: 100’s Billions of Euros have be sunk into Greece alone and it has not made a single bit of difference to that country!);
  6. Trade in Europe is at stalemate at the moment, with no growth in Europe for our sales at all;

So Cameron has been threatening to leave Europe and in my opinion please leave the EU, we will continue to trade with Europe, as there are other countries in Europe that are not part of the EU but they have trade agreements, as we could negotiate, and as we do have with many of the oil rich nations, expanding economies and America. So what on earth is stopping us?

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who leads in the EU, the power broker, and also where the bailout bank is based, can see the pressure Cameron is under to ditch the lot of them; this would mean the EU would lose between 8%-10% of their income. So Merkel flies in for dinner with Cameron and is being sickly nice to the UK, releasing statements how we should remain in the EU (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5VsW1W2Zek). But no agreement was reached, as if Cameron defaults and gives in he will be ousted by his own party. Mind you this smarmy lets be nice about the UK from Merkel makes a change, as for the last 12 months she has slagged us off with the French echoing the same negativities about us. But this is false as it is more about the German Chancellor Merkel realising her dream is crumbling as the European Union starts to implode and disintegrate. Let’s remember Germany has been at the forefront of a new European takeover and this time Divisions of Panzer Tanks and Blitzkrieg was not used, this time the Euro bonded countries together into one financial union, one trading partner, one set of rules and a parliament that can overrule a countries own laws & parliamentary determination. On the agenda is to effectively create one governing council that rule without a single bullet being fired and with Germany in control of the money and the parliament. Europe was and is nearly conquered and nearly created one huge European state with Merkel at the head. Sound familiar, remember WWI & WWII.

How ironic that this is released as remember the dead that fought to keep the UK and the world free from German dictatorship, so why would we give up the freedom millions paid for with their lives. We would dishonour them if we did not fight this new war. 

Harks of a takeover to me, but at least millions haven’t died in the process this time. But a line in the sand was needed and Cameron has said that he will not give the EU anything above inflation and actually want a cut in contribution. Look Cameron I know the Chancellor Merkel is scary but for our sake and the sake of our economy the cut we need is complete, we can secure our debt free future in a couple of years by not paying into this dysfunctional club of crippling debt and laws that dictate what we do in this free country of ours called the UK. Free us from all their red tape, which hinders business in the UK, set us free from the chains that fix us too this sinking blinking ship, parts of which are burning with such an intense heat that the others are being scorched.

If Cameron is prepared to take money off people with disabilities, people with families to support, and leave his big corporate mates paying little, then please the least you can do is  not give nearly £100 Billion (100,000,000,000) a year minimum to the EU, think to your own people and their needs first Mr Cameron. Even in Parliament your corporate backers were described as indulging in “Industrial scale tax avoidance”, and not a thing is done to stop it; then comes the cover-up as Ministers announce this enquiry to look at it, or “We have set up a review to see if we can close the loop holes.” All of this is code for kicking it into the long grass and protecting their profits, some of which finds its way in the millions to Party donations. So if this status quo is maintained, which we all know it will be, then get the money back from the EU! Balance the books of the UK in this way, and people will not feel so hard done by as you funnel billions to the EU.

I hope that the meeting with Chancellor Merkel was a watershed moment when you decided to ditch the lot of them and look to your own economy, parliament and people. I suspect it isn’t, and the news reports my concerns are not unfounded, then the least I and many others expect is that you ask for a cut in contribution to the EU of 20%, as this is how much you are cutting back on every service in this country – OUR COUNTRYDITCH THEM!


Please Note: Some petty people have noted the occasional poorly phrased sentence or the occasional spelling mistake. I apologise but please give me a break as I am profoundly dyslexic and in words of the famous philosopher Bartious Simpsonist, “Eat my shorts!” 


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