Monthly Archive: November, 2012

“Goodnight, goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow”

Split and Prosper  Self-Determination for All As Juliet said so aptly, “Goodnight, goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow”  There is so much debate at the moment about whether or not we should leave… Continue reading

The Demons of the Night

The demons of the night (Nights are Worst of all)  Images of grey & sobs of sorrow Fill the silky blackness visual void Eyes straining wide but could simply be shut Ghosts in… Continue reading

Cruel Trick of the Mind

Cruel Trick of the Mind  There are aspects of my disability I find difficult to cope with, now being restricted to a chair and needing near total care, I feel I am sinking… Continue reading

I Just Don’t Understand

I Just Don’t Understand  “This isn’t a long blog but it is really heart felt, there is an injustice that has happened this 20th day of November 2012 and it needs to be… Continue reading

Insult to Democracy – No Vote

Insult to Democracy “There’s no vote if you are disable…………”  “To be prevented from voting is an insult to those that died for to keep us a democracy…………………”  “To prevent me from voting… Continue reading

Politics of Pay and Salaries

Politics of Pay and Salaries  “A dirty business and hidden from the electorate most of the time……”   “Paid a fortune to fail, management structures so complex no one is accountable and children being… Continue reading


Leveson (This is the 50th blog & what can be more important to mark this than a blog concerning the freedom of the press, the heart of a democratic state.)   “As powerful people… Continue reading

BBC Gaffs Again

BBC Gaffs Again   “How many mistakes can this once trustworthy organisation be allowed to make, especially when the subject is institutionalised, grotesque and monstrous slaughter of innocence by disgusting paedophiles?” Will… Continue reading

Obama Wins but Europe Burns

Obama Wins – woohoo – Mancrush Going On     Well Obama is back for another 4 years and well done to him, but his job is not any easier than it has… Continue reading

Morally Bankrupt

Morally Bankrupt   “Each one of the three main parties, they should be ashamed with their level of moral bankruptcy……………”   I was debating with a friend just how important technologies are to people… Continue reading