No One Leading – Terrible Turmoil

No One Leading – Terrible Turmoil


I feel this Government cannot do anything right at the moment even when they have good news to report they lose the initiative and become reactive; they seem to bounce from one problem to another whether it be “pleb-gate”, the terror of blind man tasered by police, Jimmy Savile, and the list goes on. When on earth are they going to get a grip of the Savile as it is destroying the BBC?

Everyone seems to be bent on focusing guilt upon the BBC but it’s only because we can’t get to Savile himself, displaced anger or something like that. However, this was the institution that protected Savile for decades, as the researchers, the producers, the assistants must have known, there are rumours of a caravan on BBC property, and it just goes on, even Garry Glitter has been connected with it, being a known paedophile. This needed out-poring of emotion to start lancing the Savile boil, has focused in on the guilt they would want Savile to receive but instead the BBC has been seen as the best next thing, the easiest recipient of hatred, but they are their own worst enemy too.

What people have looked for in response is to see that the BBC management to take control and say “we will clean out all the filth from this respected institution” and not let the BBC be tarnished with the this animal’s savage Savile behaviour. So what do we get, we get a really nice man, George Entwhistle (the Boss of the BBC), before a Select Committee of the House of Commons to answer questions about who knew what in the BBC re Savile. You would have been better off getting the Barnie the purple dinosaur to have taken his place, as he was whimpish, lacking in any knowledge, and unable to give any answers about Newsnight and why their investigation was stopped last year; at least Barney could sing and dance. George reminded me if the lion in the Wizard of Oz, all heart and no courage. He was effectively ripped apart by the Committee, who at times laughed at him. If the intention was to display just how out of control the BBC were regarding the whole Savile affair they were bang on. Anyone watching would think that this is the very nature of the behaviour that allowed this sick behaviour to occur, no control from the top down and absolutely no courage George.

Then there were exchanges of letters between Maria Miller (Minister who covers the BBC) and Lord Paten. Lord Paten is a seasoned trouble shooter and problem solver I have long admired, he oversaw the handover of Hong Kong back to China, oversaw and contributed to the resolution with terrorist in Northern Ireland, sorted out the Northern Irish Police Force, to name but a few, and he was appointed to be the Chairperson of the BBC to oversee its renewal into an organization fit for purpose in the modern age. I bet he wished he was now back in Hong Kong! The letters that both were releasing to the media basically was the Minister saying to Lord Paten, “Get a bloody grip of what is going on!” The timing suggests that this was in direct response to George’s performance of complete incompetence, void of any management skills, in front of the Select Committee. So now the public were spectators to:

1)      The Boss of the BBC being useless at management;

2)      The Boss having no control over what was spinning out of control in the media;

3)      The Minister and the Chairperson were having a public spat about controlling the Savile;

4)      Newsnight was being vilified;

5)      The public were completely blaming the BBC for allowing Savile to operate;

6)      Panorama (of the BBC) were suggesting a massive conspiracy theory and cover up in the BBC about Savile’s behaviour;

7)      Police were declaring over 300 victims had come forward and they were investigating several other adults that they suspect were involved in the abuse;

8)      Police admitting they had been contacted 7 times regarding complaints of a sexual nature again Savile at the BBC and had done nothing as they just didn’t believe this could be true;

9)      The BBC had asked Savile himself about rumours and allegations and because he had denied it they didn’t take it further!!!!!!!!;

It just went on and on, revelation after revelation, the only one not affected by this gathering once in a generation storm of public corporation destruction was the scum himself, Savile. I mean, everyone with an IQ in double figures or above can see this level of abuse could not have happened without people at the BBC knowing, it’s just not possible no one knew over 6 decades at the BBC, and this organisation has or had employees who actively covered up things, it’s not conspiracy theory in action, its reality. Where these people joined in, covered up, suspected, etc., whether Researchers, Producers, Assistants, Editors, Programmers, Camera Persons, Directors, or whoever, these people must have known and it is time for them to be ousted and prosecuted. The BBC doesn’t have to wait for the Police investigation, if they suspect they should suspend and refer the person to the Police. The BBC need to grow a pair and start controlling what is going on, investigate and oust anyone they suspect, and stop being so reactive. They need people in their to take control and George needs to go I am afraid, he is not the person to dismantle the BBC and rebuild it so this criminal, disgusting behaviour can never happen again. If this can’t happen, then the BBC, like Jimmy Savile’s charities and his head stone, have to go and be closed forever. Lance the boil or close down!

I think this is the frustration of people, of the media, and the Government, they are demanding decisive management actions but they don’t have decisive Management in the BBC, so they remain the easiest target to blame for everyone, and this will continue until someone else is finally arrested for assisting Savile. But this isn’t the only mess the Government have, not by a long way but it is typical of their style of Government at the moment, totally reactive, as with the BBC they are not setting the agenda, they are reacting to one mistake, another U-turn after another, and poor act of Government after another. Let us not forget this is the Government that even manages to make train do U-turns, and only costing the tax payer millions to do it – Gosh it makes you want to cry.

Even Cameron was mocked and really beaten up by Miliband on Wednesday 24th October’s Prime Minister’s Question time, Miliband was so dominant, he is really maturing and had the PM on his back foot the whole time, and it left one wondering if there was anything the Government had control over – what was going on?

Then the Chancellor releases the figures to show that the double dip recession was over, in the last 3 months the Country went from minus growth (never liked that phrase, I wonder what is the opposite of growth? I suppose in this context it is recession but I am tempted to say ‘Coalition’) to a + 1% growth – woohoo one would think! Nope, the Chancellor even got beaten up by the media over this, as it transpired that all the ticket sales and sponsorship of the Olympic & Paralympic Games were lumped into this period even though most tickets were sold from last year onwards, so when these one off figures were stripped out the actual rate of growth was closer to 0.3%. So was the recession really over?

Well there was also a fall in the unemployed, although in the North of England unemployment in some groups were up nearly 300%, certainly in Co Durham, so it would seem that the South East (London) was doing well from the Games and the employment it had brought but the rest of the Country was not benefiting. Then the same day the Conservatives were crowing about growth and lower unemployment, Ford announced 1,500 jobs to go at their company in the UK, so the Government went on the back foot yet again. So was the recession really over?

The media went to the public and asked the ‘average’ person in the street, often called “Joe Public”. Simple question was asked, “Do you feel the recession is coming to an end?” and they answered with:

1)      Domestic fuel has gone up to highest rates ever, and announcements of 12% rises by the big six energy companies;

2)      Fuel prices at the pumps higher than ever before;

3)      Food prices rise and set to rise further due to the worst summer on record with crop rotting in the ground;

4)      Where prices haven’t risen, manufacturers of basic food substances have made the quantity smaller for the same price;

So was the recession really over? The public did not think it was, did not feel it was, and were not living as if it was.

Then comes the revelations yet again that the Government are going to take another 10 Billion Pounds from the benefits paid to people, including childcare, but when challenged about more claims of Boots, Apple, Costa, Tesco’s, Amazon, and a host of the big companies avoiding £billions in taxes, all they could say was that this was something that needed looking at. But it’s cool to go after the benefits of the severely disabled and disenfranchised by their very disability, go after Child Benefit, cap Housing Benefit, cut Disability Living Allowance by 500,000 (a figure all agreed they had just plucked out of the air and had no basis in reality), cut the heart out of health and social care, cut the guts out of the NHS to save money but just don’t upset the big corporates, gosh can’t do that. My wife pays more tax than Amazon in the UK, and her rate of tax his 30 times higher than Barclays! So was the recession over?

Financial experts, think-tanks and forecasters were asked, and they reported that the growth was in reality closer to 0.1% if at all and was boosted only by the Games. They then commented on the reality that the export of luxury cars was up, such as Range Rover, but the Service Industry and Construction Industry nationally was on its knees. They reminded the listener that to the West was America in crisis still and facing an election that could change everything there; to the South & East Europe was in absolute disintegration mode and constantly on the point of breaking up, and where most of the member states’ economies were devastated (Greece, Spain, France to some extent, Italy, etc.). So was the recession over?

The Government were steadfast and said yes the recession is over as they could report growth and that is actually really good, let’s be honest it is good news, if, and only if the next 3 months show similar growth, but if they don’t we all know we have been misled yet again, nothing new about that I guess. But in the interim whilst we wait for the next 3 months economic figures, might I suggest strongly the Government must start getting a grip on the following, before the mood of the Country will follow the upward figures:

1)      BBC & Savile;

2)      You keep saying we are all in this but the big corporates need to be sorted out as they are getting away with £billions owed in taxes – they are not your friends, they are take you for a ride and using their status with you, and don’t get me started on the bank;

3)      You don’t go after the corporations but go after the disabled’s benefits, this has to stop;

4)      Get control of the energy companies as the average person is feeling squeezed financially from all sides, so when one the energy companies announced profits in the 100’s of £millions, and price hikes of 11%, this is just plain unfair;

Start with these and people will start to feel the recession is ending but at the moment the Country is split recession wise, London may be booming but the rest of the Country is dooming and glooming but not booming, so please, please start taking control and doing positive things, not negatively perceived things:

1)      Be positive about supporting Health & Social Care, which is now in a worse state than I have ever known it to be in;

2)      Be supportive of disabled people and the benefits that allow them to, well simply put, live;

3)      Make everyone pay tax equally;

4)      Invest in small companies as they will become the mass employers, as we are a nation of ‘shopkeepers’ and these small businesses add up to employing millions of people;

5)      Invest in projects outside of London and open up the funding as it is just too hard to get at the moment, I know as I am trying to get start-up funding for 2 projects that will end up employing hundreds of our youth;

6)      Make us believe in you as a Government who is in control and not in constant ‘U-turn’ or reactive mode, hoping from one bloody mistake to another – TAKE CONTROL!

We all want the recession to be over, we really do, but the average person on the street does not believe it is at the moment, so time to prove it is all you Ministers in Government and implement a fair recovery of our debt, a fair supportive benefits system for those significantly affected by their disability, fair taxation, and sort out the BBC, because they are incapable of sorting this once valued and respected institution.

TAKE CONTROL for pity’s sake!