The Management of Chronic Pain Group (MCP)

The Management of Chronic Pain Group (MCP)



The MCP Group has simple aims, to bring into the light the effects of chronic pain, joining professionals with those experiencing CP, discussing:

  1. Experiences
  2. Solutions
  3. Options
  4. Things people have found helpful
  5. Latest Research
  6. Developments
  7. Points of Interest

My desire is to bring the physiological, psychological, sociological and emotional impact on people and their families, in the many roles they have within our society, into the light to be discussed constructively and openly.

Negative feedback to individuals will not be tolerated as this is a safe group with a professional approach and emotionally supportive to those disclosing their experiences.

This Group will be greater than the sum of it members as it will bring all sides of this battle into one place, under one safe roof, where Medics, Psychologists, Sociologists, etc, have as much standing as the person expressing their experiences.

Group member choose what they wish talk about, wish to discuss, the only condition that applies is that it has to be connected with Management of Chronic Pain. All are welcome to join in and hopefully increase the knowledge and awareness of this side effect of many conditions that impacts more than the originating condition that causes it. MCP is absolutely life altering, life changing and impacts on every aspects of the Activities of Daily Living, reducing the quality of life of all it touches. Time to change this!



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