5 Years On – A Positive Future!?!?

5 Years On – A Positive Future!?!?


(& a Positive Dawn is in reach, we just have to reach out & grab it)

It really is only 5 years since the North Rock collapsed and sent shudders of panic way beyond the North East, the ripples swept across the Atlantic as the financial storm gathered, sweeping aware one of the world’s biggest financial institutions, Lehman Brothers disintegrated as the fiscal communities held their breaths, one bank after another collapsed like a deck of cards sprayed into a tornado. Every stock market, every bank and building society, every economy and pension fund in the world rocked with the blasts of what some said was the just returns for their greed, for their pure lust for money. It actually felt like an enormous cosmic wrong was being righted, but we were all to find out that it was not only these institutions that would pick the bill up, but every person, in every so called advanced ‘Western’ economy, was going to pay the price. The doom and the gloom of a worldwide recession lowered across every land, and all felt the oppressiveness, and certainly I wondered with a level of fear as to what else could then happen.

There is a condition called ‘Mass Hysteria’ where people in a crowd become in tune and at its worst feel panic and fear and become all hysterical at the same time. Perhaps ‘hysteria’ is the wrong world but certainly seeing bank after bank taken to its knees created a mass social anxiety, as it was all instantly played out on every news channel and every social media outlet. It became the only topic of conversation and made even the most confident of business people wonder what was going to happen to their enterprise, their money, their lifestyle, unfortunately many of these businesses are not around now, did not survive, their commercial obituaries played out in media day after day after day.

The banks that survive in this country received such enormous cash injections from the Government; as did their counterparts in the USA receive help from the US Treasury. In the UK many were effectively nationalised, such as Lloyds TSB, and from the rubble came new giant conglomerate players such as Santander, but even today the recession the financial institutions caused effectively bankrupted Spain, Italy, Greece, and I am sure more are to come. Even one of the biggest monetary system’s, the Euro, is still looking like it will fragment at any moment. The only country that is coming out of this well is Germany, is this another form of takeover, just this time tanks and planes weren’t needed, but this time more lives are affected than in WWII & WWI combined. 5 years of what has felt complete chaos and money being extremely restricted personally and in business, and the gap between cost of living and available income still seems grows weekly.

Bankers aren’t paying at all to the mess they created, their greed created; they walk and talk as before, their bonuses budging with their untouchable egos, safe in their ivory towers protected by their political gargoyles guarding these tax avoiders. The Bankers and financiers worked out long ago it was cheaper by the billions to pay donations to political companies than pay tax – the ‘normal’ person never has an option. Then there organisations just pay tax at 1% or 0%, and the list of companies is staggering, Amazon, Barclays (no surprise there), Boots, Costa, and the list would take up several pages, but you can assume few of the big UK companies pay tax about 1%, where as you and I pay between 28% and 40% – thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!


And still the banks operate as if they can do whatever they like, as if the last 5 years haven’t happened, promoting once again that greed is good. But yet I feel with the back drop of world economic turmoil, financial screw ups that were so complicated no one realised how far they reached, the sucker punch we would all have to endure thanks to THEM. Amongst all of this positives bloomed as beacons of light showing us not everything was so bad, not everything was tarnished by these b*****d bankers, there was a gradual building of momentum of positivity, a progression step by step that was so subtle at first, so slight.

The oppressive morose clouds of fiscal failure started to be broken by rays of light, by bursts of ‘can-do’ and not ‘cannot’, there was the smallest of moments, like a stat at night, “did it twinkle then or not?”, that caught the eye. As one questioned what one was seeing, trying to focus on this slight glimmer of positiveness, the picture became a little clearer. Building started to rise from the East End of London’s regeneration, new road links, new tube lines, the conversation grew, the positive energy started firing, as we entered 2012, and then it was the damn bursting and we became washed away with the wall of celebration that would herald London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic.

Lord Coe’s vision for the country was there in front of us, and I felt embarrassed I had doubted that this was the time to spend billions on such an undertaking, as I realised that without this massive expenditure our country would have been in even a worse state, with even more unemployed than the current 2.5 million, as it brought so many jobs in supply and construction industries, and that was before it even opened. But any doubts, any negative feelings I had about the project, any concerns for security thanks to G4S, were soon abated and replaced with vigorous support and engagement. I was not one of the many millions that went through the Olympic & Paralympic Park gates, but I was part of the thousands of millions that tuned in, gasped with excitement, held my breath with anticipation and lived through the heroes and heroines that were born in front of me in full HD and Dolby Surround Sound.

But now the days and weeks pass since the glorious games ended, I look back at this glorious summer, Queen’s Jubilee, the Paralympics making it more than acceptable to be disabled, almost cool, being the start and definitely not the finish of optimism. The Games helped us move on as a nation, and I hope other countries feel it too, helped us realise that actually thinks are changing for the better, we are nearing the end of the tunnel, we can put the Great in front of the Britain once again. So now when I hear it is 5 years since the Northern Rock collapse, I have a slit smile across my face, as this was merely the back drop to the 4th most important time in my life. I am sorry Lord Coe but the marriage to my wife and the birth of my two children precede all events vying for top spot in my life of positive memorable events, but staking a firm claim to fourth is not bad at all. You see to me the Paralympic games, as I have blogged before, showed the world how capable disabled people were/are, and this is not the only thing to remember from the games. The Games, thanks to everyone that took part regardless of role or medals, helped everyone in Great Britain how capable we are as a country and how proud we should be, how thankful we should be.

There are terrible riots and revolutions throughout the Middle East, famine in huge regions of the African and India cotenants, disease rife throughout 3 of the five cotenants of the world, and we have the privilege never to worry about such things and bask in the glory provided to us by Lord Coe and his team via the Games. I say, with this back drop, we are fortunate and we should use these once in a lifetime games as the starting point for continued positive change on an economic and social level. I say thank you Great Britain for the positive examples you have given me as an Englishman and as a disabled person, I say that despite the economic world going to hell and back, I feel that we have turned a corner and I for one am not going to waste the positive energy and momentum that has been unleashed. We have changed as a result of the Games, and now we have a duty to carry on that positive change in our lives, in our work and in our everything every day.

So with this background of positiveness I have created 15 projects of varying size, which include:

Smiling Cat Ventures (www.smilingcatventures.org)

Innovative Minds At Work (www.innovativemindsatwork.org)

Moments in Time (www.momentsinmind.org)

Innovative Business Consultancy (www.ibcv.org.uk)

Systems of Equality

Passport to Care

Spiritual Inclusions

Art & Engagement

Safer Living Systems

Business Support Systems

All aimed to be:

Employment creators

Self-sustaining financially

Making a positive difference to other

Making a positive difference to our society

Commerce we can be proud of and NOT exploited by

Income generators that will pay the right corporation tax – PROUDLY

At Innovative Minds At Work we are going to do our bit to develop positive commerce, positive business, ethical profits and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and particularly people who want to be seen for their ideas and concepts, not their disability, the future business leaders. The only drawback is getting funding to start any of these 15 projects that are guaranteed to bring employment and taxable revenue to the North of England.

I see Government Schemes that gives money to their ‘click’ in big corporate, and they are wasting £billions, give the money to local entrepreneurs with a track record of creating jobs, like my good self. In my various businesses I have created over the last decade or so thousands of sustainable jobs across the North of England. Give entrepreneurs like me a million pounds and we will create 1000 sustainable jobs as a minimum. I lay this challenge at Government as I am tired of trying to get a response from Government with no luck at all over 8 months, even my local MP sent a message via his aid that he was far too busy to see me – thanks!


With kindest and most sincere regards

Jonathon W

Group Managing Director

Smiling Cat Ventures & Innovations Group