Savage & Sick



Jimmy Savile

It was one of those news reports that made me do a double take. The news was full of that poor family with their missing 5 year old, April Jones. Every parent could empathise  and feel their pain as the message went from searching to recovery of her body, with the charges going from abduction to kidnapping and murder, and then Jimmy Savile was mentioned. I had to rewind the Sky Box and listen to it again, but I had, regrettably, heard correctly. The wacky man of Jim’ll Fix It, the man that ran marathons, raised millions for charity, volunteered as a night porter and raised the profile of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, was a paedophile! I am ashamed to say on day one of the claim I thought this is rubbish and he can’t even defend himself now he is dead and gone. By day two more allegations and rumours were revealed and I felt sick to my stomach when I realised this was how he got away with it. My reaction was the very reaction that allowed this to go on for decades; “Not Jimmy Savile, he would never do such a thing!”, but he had and on an unimaginable scale.

Within a few days there were over a 120 lines of enquiry going on. He was described by Police as a “predatory sex offender” with allegations as far back as the late 1950’s; rape, grooming, sexual offences of young girls & teenage girls. 40 victims went to 50, went to 60 and I recalled that there could be hundreds. This went on for at least 6 decades and on a national level. In my head the very activities that won him a Knighthood, became the obvious framework that he used for his sick acts. Everything that we thought was good of him became tarnished with sexual abuse of a complete and utter monster, a Jekyll & Hyde character that destroyed lives whilst having his ego fed to giant levels by the public:

Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he promoted the Spinal Injuries Centre which is world renowned, now negatively notorious for having Savile there as well as acclaimed for the work of the Unit;

Leeds General Infirmary, where he volunteered as a night porter, and this fed his perverted and evil sick desires, grooming and abusing;

Working with children’s charities and holding events to access children;

Even Jim’ll Fix It was turned into a backstage access to be abused, raped and sexually assaulted by Savile and others according to the claims;

Raising money which allowed him unfettered and unencumbered access to his victims with no constraints, I literally feel sick as I think about all he was able to get away with.

There is nothing left of that once shiny image of gold chunky necklaces, jazzy track suits, huge cigars and a bulging eye smile that now looks so sinister. Only pain, misery and multiple disclosures will be his dirty, disgusting legacy. He was an animal, he was a sex offender, he was disgusting.

Then the BBC disclosed last year that Newsnight wanted to release a section on this monster, and were “guided not to release without further evidence”! I know that the harm was done by this time but this is the same behaviour of not believing Jimmy Savile could do such a thing which allowed him to continue for decades. Then for the BBC to show a programme that paid tribute to him is awful, what were they thinking? They knew there were allegations as they had investigated them – well the Newsnight Team had. The BBC have announced an independent investigation of this and all the other rumours that apparently circulated about him and others for years, yet no one did a damn thing to protect the vulnerable. In my book that means the BBC have people working for them that allowed rape, sexual abuse and assault to occur; actually fostered an environment where Savile and others were able to ply their sick behaviour.

This monster was powerful in image, in personality and in the media. He thrived in an era when children were never listened to, an age where abuse of them was so prevalent we have a near generation of people that know someone that was abused. This was an era where predatory Priests, malevolent ‘do-gooders & volunteers’ was common, chilling children’s homes that were grooming and abusing daily; and now we can add Savile to the hundreds of abusing adults that preyed on societies children freely. Yes Savile fitted into this abuse culture where his presence and media stardom allowed him to feed his perverted, predatory, paedophile urges – did we have the Devil walking amongst us?!?

All of this was because, every enquiry into abuse in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on, has shown we just didn’t listen and didn’t take seriously what people were saying, what societies children were saying. We didn’t believe them and as a society we have to live with this guilt, and this even more true in the case of this Paedophile. We didn’t protect the vulnerable or even value them; we failed 100’s if not 1000’s of children that were abused by so many people in positions of authority.

Then it occurred to me that this horrid monster even pushed the hunt for April off the main slot. An old paedophile, claiming the limelight once again from a newer murdering monster. Savile once again in the media with that sick smile beaming across the airwaves and digital social media outlets, but now the eyes look evil, yes ‘evil’ is the only word I can describe.

He may have raised millions for charities, but what is the real cost of the damage he and others done to children, a cost that can never be accounted for or calculated, his motives the most unholiest of all. Now we have hundreds of lines of enquiries being followed up by 11 Police Forces across the length and breadth of Britain. I sincerely hope they arrest for complicity all those that suspected the worst was happening and kept quiet over the decades, the famous and the behind the scenes staff and researchers that absolutely knew what he was doing – they should receive long sentences, as the people abused have to serve a ‘Life’ sentence. There are people at the BBC and other places who KNEW what this monster was doing, they did NOTHING and this means they contributed to the abuse, how can they live with themselves. Come forward you cowards and say, “yes I suspected, I knew and did nothing, I am guilty, I am ashamed, I should have done something, I am to blame”, then accept you judicial penalty without a word of complaint as you allowed our innocents to be molested.

Now we have a new phrase in our language, “desavilising” which means to remove all mention of this wacko sicko, this serial sex offender. If there is a hell he will surely be there.

But my last comments will not be about this scum. No the last words are for the people that were abused, raped, assaulted and not listened to:

1.     You are survivors and this can never be taken away

2.     Come forward and seek help, you will be listened to

3.     We are sorry, we should have listened, each and every member of society should have acted to protect you, to support you to listen to you