A Green Recovery

A Green Recovery

A Disability In Busines &

Innovative Minds At Work Campaign (October 2012)

I see the Liberal Democrats were spouting that to make the Conservative Blue into eco Green you just needed to add Liberal Democrat Yellow, very clever bit of speech writing, had me chuckling, but the reality isn’t about clever quotes and sound bites, the answer is so, so simple. This is what has led to us proposing this campaign to Government. If you want to be Green then just implement the following. The second element that brought this idea to the fore was recent news articles about traditional power stations closing leaving a national grid gap, which could result in frequent power blackouts by 2015. (Wonderful picture by Mike Spriggs of the powers station’s cooling towers)

BBC News Article:





Well we have a workable and affordable solution, this is a possible and effective solution which will also revolutionise the way homes are built and heated in the future. Homes that make money and deliver green solutions to our power needs in the future, this is workable, this is achievable, this is recession beating for everyone.

Billions in Government subsidies are going towards experimenting and trying to develop:

Supporting wind farms on and off shore;

Supporting wave energy technology to be developed;

Supporting Thermal energy sourcing;

Supporting a new generation of nuclear power;

Supporting hydrogen fuel cells development;

 This money can also be used, as it isn’t extra money one needs, to fund a new scheme. We are campaigning for a new Act of Parliament that makes it a legal requirement:

That all new homes, domestic dwellings, shops and offices that are built must have their power and heating needs met through solar panelling and wind turbines as an integral part of the construction;

That all current domestic dwellings must be retrofitted with solar and wind technologies to make them independent from the nation grid (they could even generate surplus electricity to be sold back to the grid);

That the retrofitting of properties will be paid for to the tune of £1,000 per home, which is more than sufficient for this requirement (as the price would be driven down by volume production needed and include every home having a wind turbine fitted to the roof too);

That this retrofitting has to be completed within 5 years of the Act becoming law;

There are approximately 22.5 million households to be retrofitted; with an estimated 750,000 already having done this. So we estimate the annual bill over the 5 years would be £4.5 Billion per year maximum (less than a couple of days spending on health and social care).

At the end of the 5 years we will have achieved the following:

We will have reduced our carbon emissions by 2/3 in this country;

We will have domestic homes generating money by selling surplus power back to the National Grid;

We will have positively changed our society for ever;

We would have created thousands of jobs in manufacturing, supply, fitting and maintenance;

This one move will have stimulated a massive section of the economy;

This Act puts the ‘green’ economy on the agenda forever;

It allows households to sell excess power generation to the national grid;

Every house hold will have near zero fuel bills and the poorest of our communities will benefit most

It then allows us to look at solutions with regards to the needs of factories and businesses, a phase two if you will.

This in no way adds in costs to the Government, it is using existing money in a different way and makes a positive difference forever. It’s time to change our environment, show the world how it should be done, and change our economy for the better. There are no downsides there are only positives to gain from a simple Act of Parliament.

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