Labour Laboured On

As Harriet Harmon (QC if you didn’t know) brought the 2012 Labour Party Conference to a close I was left with so much to ponder. I had to admit at one stage I was wondering what was this love in about with regards to Conservative historical values and associating themselves with Tory statesmen such as Prime Minister Peel and Benjamin Disraeli – did they think showing more blue than red would win over any tory voters, even those wavering. What about re-establishing good positive values associated with labour, grass-roots, hardworking, supportive state, that protects the vulnerable and the working class. I just did not think that re-hashing One Nation, but then not to tell us how this worked in 2012 and beyond was beyond frustrating, it was lacking in detail and just plain dull. With everyone briefed to say, when challenged for the detail, “You will know exactly what we intend to do when we are on the campaign trail for an election”, only served to show you guys had no policies of detail and were not in a position to Govern, so are you just going to sit and do nothing until the election in 2014-ish. What a great opposition Government you lot are making – NOT!

I listen to Ed Balls, well Balls it up, spending 4G money that doesn’t even exist yet, and I remembered sharply he was a key player in the team that stuffed up the economy in the first place, with an unenviable record of deregulating banks so they can bring the world down, PFI’s that were labour flagship policy but completely out of control leaving us with an additional £54 Billion worth of debt with deferred payments adding another £100 Billion – what a great deal for the tax payer Ed, the only the contractors benefited. As well as being part of the disastrous Brown inner circle, I wonder on how many company Boards, which had been awarded PFI contracts, do Labour higher echelon such as Ed Balls sit on.

But let’s not forget Yvette Cooper (Labour Shadow Home Secretary) talking to the Politics Show on BBC 2 from the Conference in Manchester, stating how she believes we needed to go back to  the values  of Prime Minister Robert Peel who started the first police force, who also lived 1788-1850 and was actually a Conservative statesman, and Conservative Prime Minister. What makes   her think the values that held true over a 150 years ago still do, am not sure Robert Peel would know what to do with internet crime, international terrorism, etc. It was a ridiculous comment to make Yvette. Then to go on and say, “Police are the public and the public are the Police”, what the hell did that mean, and there was, strangely enough, no detail on what policies they would    bring in – at least give the voter a fighting chance of support you guys!

If that wasn’t bad enough I listen to Ed Miliband and thought I will listen with an open mind as all I have seen of him is in those spats with Clegg across the floor of Parliament at Prime Minister’s Question Time. So I sat there and made notes and they went as follows:

  Message is supposed to be game on – so get on with it Ed!

What’s with the family history?!?!

“One Nation” but not one policy

“A Country for all” but what does it mean?

No details at all, give me something to believe, to understand

No rhythm or skill, is the day of the great speechmakers dead and gone?

Sounds stale

Sounds contrived and shallow

I have more interest in the news about Jimmy Savile!

Oh dear, they really did pick the wrong Miliband, David where are you?

I was so bored, and they wonder why there is a middle class malaise when it comes to politics, feeling abandons by the Right and the Left, with all three parties not quite hitting the interest mark, so the middle and working class feel unheard and that always results in voices going silent. Even the leader of the GMB said Ed Balls slogan about re-building Britain was an insult since they contributed to breaking, and that he strongly disagreed with most of Mr Balls conclusions about the economy. When you lose the support of the Unions and you are the Labour elite, well let’s just say it doesn’t bode well.

 The battle ground for the hearts and minds of the voters is clearly the economy, even Romney and Obama knew that, which was the focus of their first televised debate, which was far entertaining and worth staying up for, almost the exact opposite of the Labour Party Sleep-In. So where were the policies Ed, where were the fighting talk to inspire the voters, where were the solutions for us to believe in. I don’t believe you could be Prime Minister, I don’t believe you could take on the economy and sort it out, and by this I mean take on the banks, after all it was your party that unleashed them, unleashed greed, unleashed recession that the voters are paying for every single day. 5 years of miss management that was started by Labour, and not one of you remember that we don’t have expenses that pay for second homes, pay for mistresses to be employed as Parliamentary Executives to an MP, expenses that pay for dovecotes to be refurbished or moats cleaned, you are all as bad as each other.

Where was the traditional ground that you could have reinvigorated voters about:

No to Trident replacement – saving £billions

No to Nuclear defence – saving £billions

No to foreign aid – we can’t afford it – save £billions

No to small tax bills for large corporations – raising £billions

No to unregulated banks – save us from the next debacle of recession

Not a word to win us on points were the majority of us would have gotten up and applauded, wont someone lead us out of this double dip recession, and yet top bosses claim £millions in bonuses from money made from us the working and middle class, the abandoned class!!!!!!!!!

They haven’t been particularly lucky with the news cycles either, trying to get headlines this week was just near impossible and rightly so when the nation shouldn’t be focussing on blustering and empty rhetoric. The headlines that left the Labour Party Conference on the back pages of most news broadcasts and media outlets included:

  1. Disappearance of Rachel Jones
  2. Rail Franchise debacle & Fiasco
  3. Claims against Jimmy Savile
  4. Burial of our brave PC murdered in Manchester
  5. Megan Stammers & Jeremy Forrest search is concluded as Megan is brought home
  6. Turkey on the brink of war with Syria and still the ‘West’ does nothing as more innocents are slaughtered
  7. There was even a story about Laura Pahomova, a model who fell to her death at a large rental complex where delegates to the conference were staying

And these are just the ones I recall, Labour didn’t even make a showing, simply because there was no reason to, there was nothing to capture the voters or the media. The nearest they got was Arthur Scargill being in the High Court taking the National Union of Miners to court for not paying the rent on his grace and favour flat in central London to the tune of £34,000 a year, Labour have fallen so very far.

My ending conclusion is that Ed Miliband is a nice guy, who would make a good opposition Minister, but it is David Miliband that should be Leader of the Labour Party, they have simply got the wrong brother. Which would you trust to be Prime Minister?