In the Nick of Time Please

I was all geared up to blog about the coalition and how that many people can flat line the economy, and these people are not dulled intellectually no matter what people think of them from time to time. Now another death, that of Colin Traynor having a massive seizure from the stress and anxiety of losing his benefit, shouting out from the Channel 4 news, bringing the whole ATOS and fight to reduce the benefits bill into light, and the inevitable mistakes, mistakes that cost lives. I feel a sense of despair at times and a sense of understanding what they are trying to achieve, but going about it in such a bad way. Everyone accepts the benefit bill that has gone up by millions every year, year on year, has to be reduced, everyone accepts that we have to make cuts, we’ve had 2 years of it and we get it. But the flat-line of the economy must be sorted out, as this will deliver an ability to pay down the debt, but let’s not sacrifice people to do it.

So I watched Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democratic Party Conference, I needed to hear what he had to say, as a deciding vote on many issues, and as Deputy Prime Minister, and he talked of a “fair society”, as did all the speakers at the conference, paying down the debt, reducing the billion pounds spent every 3 days by DWP. They did mention a new “Bank of Lending” but there was no guarantee this will get too small or medium size businesses any better than the other schemes, which seem impenetrable to anyone other than by large corporate organisations that pay little tax compared to the average person in the street.

I then see our fine Prime Minister David Cameron is in the United Nations condemning people over Syria and in the same speech merrily giving away billions in aid that in all reality will be mostly spent on consultants, shipping agents, bribes and Swiss bank accounts of officials in these countries that are in genuine need. And at the very same time the news unfolds to cover the death of Colin, a man who died for the sake of his benefit being taken away, to save a little money. On balance the irony made me want to be sick, how can we justify making our people, the most vulnerable of our society, be pressured to bring down the deficit with the only money they have, barely enough to live off, when we then send billions abroad for the vulnerable of other nations, KNOWING most of the money is not used as intended? The scales of fairness swing heavily to the unfair and boarding on the immoral, the appalling, and the disgusting. We absolutely must look after our own first before filling the Swiss coffers of the officials in the third world countries. It disgusts me!

I had even urged myself to listen to the Mervyn King (outgoing Governor of the Bank of England) who effectively gave the green light, an excuse, for the Government to miss their own economic growth targets, mainly one assumes because there is no growth. Well isn’t the Bank of England supposed to help stimulate the economy and not talk it down – I thought I was going to learn that there is some hope, just a glimmer would do, instead, if you believe what he was saying, one would need anti-depressants but the wheelbarrow load.

There was just no energy to the guy and I am glad he is stepping down, but then I think to George Osbourne, the father of the current economic strategy we are all following, all suffering because of, and he too needs to apply some energy and enthusiasm and needs to accept – WE NEED A NEW STRATEGY. We need energy, we need to be energised, we need positive leaders delivering high volumes of Can-Do, Will-Do, Follow-Me into a brighter growing energised economy. Leaders that actually listen and tell us they will give business and the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the resources they need and then beating the crap out of them if they don’t deliver, so delivery is the only option. Money being given to people with a track record of creating companies, employment, taxable revenues, exports and economic wealth.
Vince Cable used to be the ‘bank basher’ and now he has gone quiet on the very people that caused this misery in the first place, 5 years on and his voice is conciliatory and quietened, whereas once he bashed and assaulted the Chief Executives and their goblins, shouting them down from the opposition benches, he was feared and the then Labour Government near trembled as he took to the floor.

2.5 million out of work, zero growth and King’s forecast duller than our summer, where is your voice now Vince, where is your explosive condemnation of things that are just plain wrong, where is the fire we need from you and others to ignite our economy and keep wrangling, corralling those bankers?
Income down from taxes;
Greater sums going abroad in aid;
Benefits bill rising by 7% each year;
In real terms our national debt is actually increasing;
Where are you Vince?

This economic strategy is no more complex than fasting, at least with Lent there is an end to it, how many years must we endure this starvation? Have the Liberal Democrats, the real power brokers that can make or break the policies of the Government, the power to force a different agenda, have they been stunned by the headlights of power, have they become stuporous, inert by drinking heavily from the cup of power, long was so long overdue for them, denied them by the voters. Has the mere whiff of power silenced them, silenced the once warriors of the House of Commons? Have they gained power for the first time in a couple of generations only to Liberal lapdogs of their Conservative blue masters?

The most forceful leader the Liberal Democrats have ever had, Nick Clegg, doesn’t say, “This strategy is crap, we will change it for the better!” oh no, he decided it was best for his image to state to the nation, “I’m sorry”. This is how far we have come, that to hear a politician apologise and tell the truth is so unusual, so alien to our ears, as foreign as an alien from Mars, that it is headline news, a song mocking him appears, and in some quarters he is made to be the new village idiot, accompanied by a 1 out of 10 for sincerity. Yes the country is going down the tubes and our Deputy Prime Minister is on You Tube. What was he thinking, what did he possibly gain from being the court jester of the Palace of Westminster, just what we needed. Not surprising the nation mocked him and disbelieves his apology when we remember a decade of:
Politian’s claiming money dishonestly;
Senior Directors of the Customs & Excise advising companies how to get out of paying tax;
MP’s claiming to have their moats cleaned &Dovecotes being restored;
Levison Enquiry;
A War in Afghanistan we can’t win and for which our brave soldiers are sacrificed;
To name but a few things that have damaged our confidence in our leaders and what they do, what they say, then make fools of themselves on You Tube – I can’t get that blasted tune out of my head now, now I am sorry I ever heard it.

OK the Paralympics is over and it’s back to reality but that reality does not have to be the one we are presented with. Did we not learn from the Paralympics, that achievement is about determination and energy, investing in what we have to create positive growth, to create positive investment in those that can and will deliver? We need to hear our leaders’ voices again, the band known as the Three C’s (Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, and David Cameron), lead us, lead the charge on a new strategy of investing in the small companies by using the money that was earmarked for foreign aid, but in reality you knew it was going to pay off some dictator or two. Pay off huge amounts of debt by bringing our boys and girls home from a war that is done and dusted, bring them home before more die (I support our service men and women but I do not support this war any more, it’s done, get our brave people the hell out of there). If we can’t afford to pay benefit to the severest of disabled people then we really can’t afford this awful war any longer.

Stimulate not just the economy but stimulate us, invigorate us to make a difference and contribute, encourage us to deliver successful commerce, invest in us and make us believe in you. It’s time to shout again, time to lead, time to say no more gloom, it’s time for boom. Give us the tools and resources and we will deliver the goods, come on let’s get up of our knees and start to build again, for God’s sake lead us with passion and honesty, we will follow.