Campaign – Narrow the Gap

The campaign has been started in response to the increase in cost of living that is greatly outpacing the available income for people on the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance or in receipt of the State Pension, often the poorest of our communities and the most vulnerable in many cases. This broadening gap has been accelerated by increased fuel costs, which in itself has a knock-on effect in increasing costs of all goods transported by freight.

The campaign to Narrow The Gap between cost of living and income is specifically aimed at enabling people who are in receipt of DLA or State Pension to claim back VAT on the fuel for their Motability vehicles and the VAT on their domestic heating bills, gas and electricity. This simple step could be achieved by a straightforward Act of Parliament and this campaign if aimed at pushing for this Act to be proposed, passed and implemented by the Houses of Parliament.

The VAT claim back on Motability Fuel could be capped to a weekly amount to prevent abuse of this system, and the current Motability Administration could administer this system also. With regards to VAT on domestic heating costs, this could be administered at source, with eligible people registering and evidencing their eligibility with their domestic fuel providers, who would adjust their bills before sending. This should not be seen as a reason to stop the cold weather allowance that some may receive.

This new Act and the subsequent loss to the Treasury could be paid for easily by:

1. Every Bank pays the correct amount of corporation tax and not, as some do, between 1% & 5%

2. Every large Retail company pays the right amount of corporation tax and not, as some do, between 0% & 5%

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