Couldn’t Resist It, Could You?!?

I feel bewildered as to why anyone would want to see pictures of a young woman topless without her consent and feel the need to publish them for the sake of making some money. This applies to anyone regardless of whether they have made their living from the media previously, only to have the pack of wolves, the pack of paparazzi gorge on them when they did not want it. There has to be a line that is just not appropriate to cross and in my humble opinion, nude pictures without permission is that line, it has to be, it is just a click of the camera too far.

So if this is the line for people who court media attention and use the press to further their careers, how much more inappropriate can you get than to take pictures of the future Queen of United Kingdom and Commonwealth? Why should she not sunbathe with her husband in a secluded French walled garden without fear that some pervert paparazzi is going to take pictures of them, of her? It is beyond disgusting to do, it is even beyond any sense of decency to buy such pictures and then publish them. This was the act of mindless scum whose morals, if they had any, would be lower than the sewers that bred them in the first place.

Whilst the Duchess of Cambridge has effectively been humiliated, assaulted emotionally and exposed to the world in the worst sense of the phrase possible. Have we not learnt from the Leveson Inquiry, was the outrage of printing Prince Harry’s bits not enough, what do people like the Royal Family, who only promote the UK and the Commonwealth in a positive sense be subjected to such abuse? What does it gain by insulting not just the Royal Family but actually grossly insulting our Country and all people that live in it? For the sake of a few more sales of some trashy paper or magazine is just a pitiful rationale, from less than human people, with screwed up scruples.

I particularly wince when such low like editors pull the old “in the public interest” quote out of their hat, as if this is some sort of shield. Well how on earth is it in the public interest to show embarrassing pictures of a woman who did not consent in any way – tell me how this is in the public interest? I am a bright guy and I just don’t understand how this phrase gives anyone licence to do anything they want, well it doesn’t, and to apply this to a gross act of malicious, spiteful assault on our future Queen.

On the one hand I am not surprised that a French editor was the first to purchase and print the pictures, after all our relationship with this nation has been somewhat rocky since 1066, but then when I gave it more thought I was surprised as the French have really strict laws about invasion of privacy, so what was the motivation? I agree with St James’ Palace: a “grotesque” invasion of privacy that has nothing but to remind our future king of the very behaviours that contributed directly to the death of Princess Diana, paparazzi perused her to her death, and now William has to experience this assault once again against his wife Kate. I really feel for them both, this must be a living hell for them both.

I think they should sue the French Editor Pieau and I also hope she is persecuted under the French laws for what is a criminal act of unjustifiable behaviour, hoping the couple bankrupt the magazine. One can only hope that this line that must never be crossed is used to hang this editor to the full extent of the law as an example never to do this to any person, let alone the future Queen of our great Nation. But for once our own media did the right thing and not buy or publish, and well done to them, perhaps having editors and reporters arrested in this country for excesses and the Leveson Inquiry is having the desired effect at long last.

Just when one thinks it cannot get worse for this poor young lady of ours, the following day, as the couple are visiting a Mosque in humble admiration for the Muslim religion, the Irish Daily Star also published these vile, villainous, vicious pictures. How would they feel if pictures of the Pope’s bits were published, would they be claiming it is ok as it is in the public interest, I think not, they would claim how can anyone do such a thing to the Catholic Head of State. Such editors should be imprisoned as this is not about freedom of the press; this is just pure vindictiveness against the English State for past indiscretions.

I think that is the heart of it, both the French and the Irish Editors that have committed this heinous of crimes against our future Queen, not out of some moral justification to preserve the important freedom of the state, not because their readers are demanding it, they are settling historic scores, and this just shows how unfit to be editors they both are. That they feel they have the right to launch such an obvious attack, are their egos so large they think they have such power, well all it shows is how ridiculous they actually are, as when the people they claim to represent were interviewed, the vast majority were shocked and ashamed someone would do this on their behalf in any form. The owners of these publications should either fire or close this detritus they have responsibility for.

I hope that this wonderful couple, that have done nothing but spread an air of positiveness wherever they have gone, can put this insult behind them, as we as a nation are behind them in whatever they chose to do, after all I think certainly Prince William has been through enough negativity in his life, don’t you?