Paralympians Get Royally Stamped On!

Twitter is a buzzing twit with comments after it was disclosed that the Royal Mail are going to celebrate & highlight gold medallist abled bodied athletes with a stamp series of their pictures, but not do the same for Paralympians.

After I finished spluttering my coffee across my desk and netbook, I further was told that the so called ‘excuse’ for this inequality in action, was that there was too many of them – what a load of tosh, pish and poo! In 2012 do we really have to go down the line of yet again educating organisations that should know better by now, this is absolutely discriminatory and the Royal Mail should act in a more equal and less ignorant way, they should have their royal accent removed and I hope someone like a gold medallist Paralympian feels strongly enough to sue the beggars.

They make it seem as if the achievements to come of the Paralympians are less than their able bodied counterparts and there is just no reason to act in this way.

Instead of using some lame excuse of there are too many of them, we should be so proud of them that we celebrate a wonderful achievement for the country, we shouldn’t just print stamps of them, we should fly flags from every pole highlighting the effort it has taken not only to attain the highest level in their chosen sport but to overcome a significant disability, and the associated impediment they have faced.

We should be showing their achievement and the image of them receiving their medals on every channel on TV, as there is a unique look of absolute happiness and pride that I have only ever seen at the Olympics, a purity of being completely overwhelmed as the gold medal is placed round their necks, it is simply beautiful to see and brings a lump to my throat every time I see it.

So is this the problem, are the Royal Mail daring to insinuate that the visual image of some people with significant disability is too awful to show on stamps, is this the real Victorian, antiquated, disgusting reason behind the “there will be too many”? If it is even 1% of their rejection of such achievements then the whole higher management should be replaced and publically humiliated, we should lance such a putrid festering boil of basic inequality before it is even able to rear its head again. If this were ancient roman times I would even be in favour of the roman punishment of ‘Decimation’, where 1 in 10 soldiers were crushed with rocks being placed on them, or beaten to death with wooden mallets, for some gross error in conduct. Seems like a nice way of removing any resemblance of inequality of this public level, 1 in 10 managers crushed to death with wheelchairs sounds cool to me.

How are we supposed to make progress and stop people judging the disabled by what they look like, the outward signs of disability when even the Royal Mail can’t face publishing the images due to some misinterpreted sense of so called public sensitivity, as this is what it is really about. But just to do stamps for such people is nowhere near enough to change views, what if we made a start and name all the Universities after a medal winning Paralympian?

There is no reason at all why we shouldn’t, and for the life of me I can’t think of a better example to give young people who are studying for their futures, the absolutely perfect role models who have displayed:
 Courage
 Dedication
 Determination
 Focus
 Hard work
 Bravery

What perfect role models for young and old alike, perfect as shining examples of you can achieve your aspirations if you just try and don’t give up regardless of what you are faced with, the obstacles life has dealt with. Yes let’s name our universities after every medal winning Paralympian from the 2012 Olympics. This would really show as a society we are not only trying to change people’s misperceptions and stereotyping of the disabled community but inspire and take a massive leap forward, or even a hop, skip and jump forward, in changing things for the better.

Furthermore I would even say make every medallist from the Paralympics a Peer in the House of Lords, so they can genuinely lead this great Country of ours into a new future where people are judged on their contribution and how they treat their neighbour, not on whether or not one has a disability. I think we can genuinely be judged on how we treat people in our society, and this is a barometer of whether or not we can be proud as a nation, so let’s stamp on the Royal Mail and teach them a lesson, but show our Country just how proud we are of Olympian and Paralympian medallists alike.