A Passing Thought

All image rights reserved by Sebastian Rudloff

It was mentioned, almost as a passing comment, if it were eye contact it would be a glance without recognition as two people pass, it was mentioned “we are merely limited by our imagination”, limited by what we can dream of, limited by allowing ourselves to think the impossible.

That thought of our self-imposed limitations has stayed with me, rolling around in my mind like tumbleweed, gathering other thoughts and increasing in mass, increasing in its importance. This throw-away comment that was made is absolutely the catalyst of truly great progress and advancement in our history and for our future.

These people, visionaries often unknown, explorers that we could never accompany, who have dared to allow their imaginations to be free as the stars at night, lighting the darkness with shimmering silver illumination of advancing knowledge, daring to think the impossible, go beyond society’s restrictions, turning science fiction into science fact, have made the greatest contributions, sent men to the moon and will cure cancer. There is no limit to where these prophets of science will lead us, solving the big and the minor problems we face now and in the realm of the ‘yet to come’.

With this in mind, why can’t we harness such minds to do something about the quality of care our elders receive, or should that be lack of care imposed upon them? Why can’t we completely revolutionise the whole crap system, careless system of out of sight, out of mind nursing/care home provision, where we spend more on beer as a nation than we do on training carers and supporting families to prevent the move to the abyss that one comedian describes as, not that it is funny, “God’s waiting room”, and ironically called ‘care’ homes – the rancid irony makes me want to gag.

Did you know we give more to animal charities than we do to researching a sustainable solution to dementia? We give more to animal charities by voluntary donations than money spent on keeping our elders in understaffed, underfunded and underappreciated care homes. We spend more on dog food each year as a nation than we do on feeding our elders in care homes, how can this possibly be right?!?

This really has to change, this really has to be the burning torch to light a social revolution that changes our society forever, matching other cultures that keep their elders in their communities, learning from these cultures, learning what we have forgotten, to cherish and respect those who have raised us, not dispose of them so they don’t inconvenient our selfish lives. Our Elders have a vast social knowledge and skills base that we risk losing forever, how much damage will be done if we start to confine generation after generation into places where the only event that will change their circumstances significantly is when they meet their maker and the God they believe in as individuals.