Betrayal of OUR Citizens

Betrayal of OUR Citizens This Blog is about the complete and utter offence that many people feel with how their relatives, their loved ones, parents in nearly all cases, people (remember they are… Continue reading


PROJECT 84 A note for the reader: As Jeremy Corbyn pledges to invest in Mental Health Services, which have been slashed by up to 50% by the Tories since 2010 (don’t believe anything… Continue reading

Black Rock Sands (Dedicated to CS)

BLACK ROCK SANDS (Dedicated to my friend C.S. hoping this puts a smile on her face as she fights against the effects of chemo and that scourge of the 20th and 21st Century… Continue reading

Job to Oppose Tory Tyranny

Job to Oppose Tory Tyranny (For The Many & Not the Few) I think it was Harold Wilson who said, “A week is a long time in politics.”, and wow has there been… Continue reading

Unconditional Forgiveness & Compassion

Unconditional Forgiveness & Compassion I have been watching a documentary series about 8 people that were due to be executed in Arkansas (1 of the 31 States in America that has the death… Continue reading

OUR NHS & OUR Social Care!

OUR NHS OUR Social Care The NHS was established to serve the people, to provide free healthcare and to deliver equality of healthcare to all, free to all. In return it would be… Continue reading

I’m Back! ! !

I’M BACK AND MY BLOG IS LOUDER THAN EVER! We live in a country that has a ruling party which is clearly hostile to disabled people and those experiencing a variety of economic,… Continue reading

Life Under the Regime of Three Capital Letters

Life Under The Régime Of Three Capital Letters DDD – DLA – PIP – ATW (17/02/2018) Please bear with me and read to the end, this is to all my brothers and sisters… Continue reading

The Things You Never Forget!

The Things You Never Forget! (Warning: Please be aware there may be images contained that may cause distress.) I was thinking about those times in your life that are depicted in your memory… Continue reading

AFWH WK15: Dr Khaled al-Assad

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Fifteen (Dr Khaled al-Assad!) (ISIS, just murderous thieves, nothing more!) 15 (WC Thurs 13/08/2015) of 260 Weeks I wanted to cry at what I was watching, I… Continue reading